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All About Android
Episode 167

All About Android 167: Fast and Hard


Google IO preview

What Else

Amazon held its special event to show off its anticipated Fire Phone:
4.7" 1280x720 display
2.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 800
32/64GB storage
2400 mAh battery
Front and back Glass casing with rubberized sides
Dynamic perspective technology
Firefly image recognition with dedicated button
Fire OS
Mayday customer support
Releases July 2014
$650 off contract
$200 (32GB), $300 (64GB) on contract with AT&T exclusivity
Amazon throwing in 1 yr of free Prime.
Free unlimited photo storage via Amazon Cloud Drive
Today, Microsoft unveiled its first Android smartphone, the Nokia X2.
4.3" display
Dual core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200
16GB Ram
Dual SIM
Running Nokia X Software Platform 2.0 (Android fork)
Opera is the default browser
If you were wondering if LG might be creating YET ANOTHER Nexus phone and possibly the last in the Nexus series before Silver comes along, Android Police asked Ken Hong, Global Communications Director of LG, for the skinny. To which he said "We’re not really sure what the status of the Nexus program is. We’ve been hearing a lot of speculation about its future but that’s a Google decision, not LG’s. As of today, there are no Nexus devices in our immediate pipeline."
LG is rumored to be one of the launch partners when Silver finally happens, but they denied any knowledge of that either.
Also keep in mind that one year ago, LG said it wasn't working on another stock Android device. And we all know where that ended up. (Nexus 5)


In "what could possibly go wrong" news, General Motors developed an app for the Chinese market called DiDi Plate that lets Android users send text messages to car owners, thanks to license plate scanning. It's a prototype app at the moment, and GM plans to add it into its infotainment system inside cars. One example GM gave for its use: A male driver asks a female driver on a date (she accepts)
Analytics firm App Annie published a report that says that Play apps, downloads and revenue have all seen "phenomenal" growth this past year, with app revenue more than doubled, up 2.4x in one year.
In Q1 2014, games represented almost 90% of Play app revenue. Free to play had a huge impact, accounting for nearly 98% of total Play store revenue in May 2014. And there are now more apps available in the Play store, 1.5 million, than Apple's App Store, 1.2 million.
Its fun to hard on Facebook's app at this point, cause it has a history of being bad. Well, it's definitely improved lately and we have Africa to thank for it. In this case, Facebook actually sent a team of engineers and product managers to Africa to purchase low end devices, and use its infrastructure with their app. Turns out that app repeatedly crashed on these devices, had incredibly slow load times, and consumed in some cases a month's data allotment within 40 minutes.
The overhaul was born out of that experience. Images are loaded in sizes that match screen size, features are loaded in a staggered way to prevent a lag at boot up, and Facebook reduced the app size by 65 percent.

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