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All About Android
Episode 171

All About Android 171: Your Hair Smells Terrific


  • Allen Firstenberg, Google Developer Expert for Glass and Google+,


We've wondered how deep Google's integration of Samsung's KNOX into version L will be, well, Google spilled a few beans on the topic. Here's what we know:
Essentially, the already utilized Profile feature (on tablets currently), will get juiced up. Users will create a managed profile with IT control mechanisms in place, enabling things like:
Enable or disable other apps, and set restrictions on them.
Configure intents to be forwarded between the primary account and the managed profile.
Wipe all the data associated with the managed profile.
Jerry Hildenbrand at Android Central did some thinking and came up with the possibility that this might give the enterprise the capability to control the Intents system within Android which could prevent things like an employee sharing a google doc from the business account with an app or service outside of the enterprises list of green-lighted apps.
Also, if you were wondering whether we would see an updated preview of version L before the official release, Google's Rich Hyndman said on Google+ its not likely to happen. He stated "There will be some extras coming, like a 64bit emulator, but i don't believe new device images are coming. The preview release is primarily for developers to be able to test their apps and get them ready for the L launch. It is the first time we’ve had a preview release and it will mean less chance of issues with apps in the Play Store at launch and more apps ready to take advantage of the new features." Of course, anything could change.
Around the beginning of the year, the European Commission called both Apple and Google out for making it far too easy for children to make unintended (or intended but unwanted in the eyes of parents) purchases using the app stores and in-app purchase mechanisms. The EU checked back in on progress, and is happy with what Google has promised: Starting in September, Google will stop advertising games with In-app purchases as "free" in the Play Store. Also, payment verification will be required before every in-app purchase. No word on whether these changes will extend outside of the EU.

Interview with Allen and Jason


Breaking News



After leaking all last week, Nvidia unveiled the Nvidia Shield Tablet:
8" 1080p LCD screen
32-bit Tegra K1
2.2Ghz quad-core CPU
192-core Kepler GPU
2GB of RAM
passive stylus
Micro-SIM for 3G/LTE service.
Touted as the first Android device that can stream directly to Twitch gaming video service.
Optional controller uses wifi-direct instead of Bluetooth resulting in half the latency of Bluetooth controllers. Four controllers can connect to the shield tablet at one time. Controllers have a headphone/mic plug for voice commands and online chat.
Shield Tablet: $299 (launches US and Canada July 29th)
Premium Shield with LTE and 32GB storage: $399
Controller: $59
Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship phone primarily for the Chinese market, the Mi 4. CEO Lei Jun channeled his very best Steve Jobs at the unveiling (complete with jeans/black shirt and even a One More Thing) and showed off the device that's sure to be in high demand when the 3G version releases on July 29 and its first 4G LTE version in August.
5" 1080p screen,
2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quadcore
16GB memory
3080 mAh
Touts a day and a half of battery performance, and speedy charging.
Also unveiled was the Mi Band, a $13 fitness band that can be used to unlock Mi phones in place of a passcode. Waterproof, 30 day battery life, sleep-cycle alarm, and measures activity levels and sleep patterns.

Android Wear


A few quick hits around Android Wear:
Developers can expect a new API someday soon where Google will officially support custom watch faces. (not that it hasn't stopped some ::developers from creating them on their own already!) API likely won't be complete until the Android Wear OS migrates to Android L.
And Android Wear source code is now uploaded to the AOSP, for both the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch. Expect a "full platform push" once version L becomes official.
And finally, if you were holding out for an HTC Android Wear watch, this little easter egg might make you happy. From a video the company released back on July 9th, a watch sitting on the desk of a man in the video matches some leaked images of HTC's supposed wearable. (let's just hope they don't go all HTC Jetstream and price it at $800.)

OnePlus One


OnePlus One ($299 16GB/$349 64GB)
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor with 2.5GHz Quad-core CPUs (same as S5)
Non-removable 3100 mAh
5.5 inch 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), 401 PPI
13 Megapixel RFC
Silk White/Sandstone Black
CyanogenMod 11S (Special version of CyanogenMod, designed for this phone.)
KK 4.4.2
CyanogenMod promises Android L will come to OnePlus One within 3 months of official release.
Guaranteed to receive updates for two years.
Seven band LTE supports GSM in the US (AT&T/T-Mobile)
StyleSwap cover replacement (including bamboo)
Tap screen to on/V to flashlight/circle to camera
Invite system currently, with a recent campaign just announced: "Blizzard of Invites" where you do tasks to get up to four chances to win an invite (like OnePlus on Facebook, follow team on Twitter/Instagram, write post in community forum.) 5000 invites to be given away. Deadline July 23.



Big update to Google Maps for Android: Cyclists will love the changes, with biking directions now showing elevation, and comparisons of different routes to pick the path with the least amount of climbing. Also, voice commands like "What's my next turn?", "Show traffic", "What time will I get there?" and "How's traffic ahead?" Voice actions in navigation mode (how long until destination, show traffic, etc.) Bicycle directions show elevation, including elevation comparison for multiple routes (less climbing!) Your Places now appears in slide-out nav menu
The new Amazon Wallet is in beta on Google Play and Amazon's app store, and at least at launch, its limited to phones. You can scan a barcode on the back of loyalty/gift cards and save the serial/pins with the app for redemption later. Currently no way to pay with Amazon's online payment system, though. Why would Amazon want to get into the business of promoting spending outside of it's virtual walls?
Facebook rolled out a new update that adds the capability to save links from within Facebook to a list of Saved locations/URLs for later reading. It does not save a cache of the content for offline viewing.

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