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All About Android
Episode 176

All About Android 176: The SDK is Mightier Than the Sword


  • Ron Amadeo, Reviews Editor for Ars Technica
  • @ronamadeo


Version L. What on earth could it stand for? Lolipop? What about Lemon Meringue Pie? References in code to "LMP-preview-release" can be found in the Android SDK, LMP appears nine times in a search of the AOSP, and WiFi certification for what is expected to be the Nexus 9, HTC's Volantis tablet, show the firmware as "LMP." Don't expect a confirmation for the new name until final builds are completed.
The Information reports that Verizon is planning a new global app store to compete with Google Play, that will include partnerships with carriers and OEMs, with plans and discussions still in early stages at the moment. Recode posted a Verizon statement denying that they had these plans, but The Information backs their scoop 100% saying that Verizon's cleverly worded denial doesn't reveal the full truth.
This wouldn't be Verizon's first attempt at an app store, they just shuttered one back in 2013 after three years. In this case, however, this would be more of an industry wide effort as opposed to simply a "verizon app store," to challenge Google and potentially benefit from the significant rise expected in app store revenues.
Grouping of devices independently when many of them by the same manufacturer are similar hardware where it matters. Ultimately developers concern themselves with OS version and screen size for optimization but even screen size isn't much of an issue. (see Shifty Jelly's blog entry) No mention of the countless devices that qualify as running Android. No mention of Play Services role in all of this (but that really only affects APIs on Google's services and not the OS as a whole). Ultimately, there is interesting data here, just incomplete in its analysis and that can be misleading.



So, how awesome is Amazon's Fire Phone? How's 35,000 units sold since its launch one month ago strike you? Yeah, that hurts a little. Chitika's ad network and Comscore came up with that data point, and while Amazon won't be revealing official numbers, likely, it looks like a number of factors are keeping the phone from selling: Exclusivity to AT&T, High top-tier pricing and unnecessary gimmickry.
Not too long ago, Barnes & Noble pretty much stopped playing in the tablet hardware game, due to poor sales amongst stiff competition from Amazon and other OEMs. Well, now they have Samsung as a partner with their new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet. For $179, (more than the Kindle Fire's $139), you get a 7" 1280x800 display, nook software, and Google Play services suite.






I wanted to ask you to take some time maybe in the apps section of the AAA show to talk about google helpouts. In the wake of the Robin Williams tragedy mental health has surfaced again in our society and as a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida, as well as a tech geek, as soon as I saw that helpouts had a health section I jumped on board. Google has done a great job at having a system through helpouts in which anyone in the US with a smart device or webcam can connect with a licensed clinician. I have been able to have a session with a client who lived in ALASKA! with me living in Florida this client would have NEVER been able to reach me until helpouts came along. I don't think people are talking about helpouts enough and I hope you can make some sort of public service announcement so all your listeners can know that they have this great resource at their disposal in order to discuss any mental health, personal or relationship issues they feel they may want to talk to someone about.

Thank you so much for all the hard work that you do,


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