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All About Android
Episode 177

All About Android 177: Hardware is Hard



What do CyanogenMod, undoubtedly Android's most storied and well known Android mod, and Microsoft have in common? Well, supposedly, according to The Information, the two companies are in talks, and Microsoft isn't the only company interested in Cyanogen Inc with interest from Amazon, Samsung and Yahoo. Third party integration is an important element to the growth of Cyanogen Inc. Could we see a version of CyanogenMod with Bing services? Could we see CyanogenMod on Windows Phone?
Android developer extraordinaire Koush recently unveiled ADB Shell for Chrome which allows Chromebook users to execute commands using a browser to a connected Nexus 5. This means developers and tinkerers aren't locked to PC or Mac. Koush says the app will be posted to the Chrome Web Store soon. Hopefully without the Nexus 5 restriction.
Motorola held a contest last week that required people to install and use the app Yo, a messaging app known for it's simple function: sending the word "yo" to other users of the app. Motorola asked contestants to add "MOTOROLA" to their contacts in Yo and then Yo Moto to be entered into the giveaway for one of 20 Moto 360s. Well, everyone and their dog ended up getting a "congrats, you won!" response which prompted Yo to lay blame on Motorola for using their service like that, and Motorola to both apologize for the miscommunication and then still give away the watches during another day of the contest, same rules.
Is Yo a good platform for this sort of thing? When something like this happens, it brings attention to your brand, but ultimately, bad attention. As a developer, how would this feel?



Dear AAA crew. My name is Paul and on a recent trip to Vietnam i was the victim of a pick pocket. I know that this was a moment of forgetfulness on my part but fortunately all they got was my phone. Now this may sound strange but i was fine and still had my money and passport so I consider myself quite lucky in this regard. My problem has to do with the phone itself, seeing as it was stolen and i never installed software to remotely wipe it. Coming from an iphone i assumed it would be preinstalled, I now know better. After my phone was stolen my Google account was naturally associated with it and now i a nice steady stream of pictures and updates from a young Vietnamese woman. I have googled how to remove the phone from the account to little avail. I was hoping that you or the AAA audience could help me solve this rather annoying problem.

Thank you,


  • 1. Android Device Manager does require an install and permission on the device BEFORE theft occurs.
2. Play Store on browser>Android Lost>Install on device. Then SMS with the text “androidlost register”. Then and sign in with Google Sign-in. Wipe data remotely.
Note: None of this will work if the phone is powered off or without any data.
3. Change your Google password (and any others) immediately.



OnePlus revealed on Reddit during an Ask Me Anything last week that the OnePlus One might finally have a pre-order system that isn't a contest ready to go live in October.
Liam Spradlin of Android Police posted about Google Workshop which is likely soon to be a way for Nexus owners to customize their device cases with things like personal photos (aka Moments), and Maps (aka MapMe), also custom Live Wallpapers of things like those same MapMe maps.
And now, Liam reports that Google has special plans for the upcoming HTC Nexus tablet. This includes a keyboard folio that turns the tablet into a laptop style device, complete with magnet connectors for the case, similar to Apple's smart cover. Keyboard will pair via USB 4 and pair via NFC. Also includes 450mAh battery to power the keyboard.

Upcoming announcements


4.6-inch screen with 720 x 1280 pixel resolution (319 ppi)
2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset
2GB of RAM
20.7-megapixel Sony Exmor RS rear camera sensor, capable of 4K video recording
2.2-megapixel selfie camera
Stereo speakers
16GB of microSD-expandable storage
IP68-certified: dust- and water-resistant
2600 mAh battery
Dimensions of 127 x 64.9 x 8.6 mm (5 x 2.55 x 0.33 in), weight of 129 g (4.55 oz.)

Android Ware


CNET interviewed David Singleton, Google's engineering director for Wear, who said updates would come rapidly and direct from Google, with the first update hitting this week. Look forward to bluetooth headset pairing that could allow a runner to stream music direct from the watch's local storage to a headset without the need for a phone, and GPS support (for watches that have GPS) making fitness tracking easier. Also, official watch face support for developers. Ultimately, OEMs will not be able to modify the code of Wear the way they can with Android for phones/tablets.



Reddit is releasing a new app called Ask Me Anything, an official reedit AMA app for reading and navigating the popular section of the Reddit site. iOS saw a release earlier today, the Android version is still in active beta and expected to release by the end of the week.
Love it or hate it, Facebook became the first non-Google app to pass 1 billion installs in the Play Store. Big surprise. Facebook shares the top spot along with Play Services, Maps, Gmail and YouTube.
Samsung and Nokia are getting cozy, with an Android version of Nokia's Here mapping service headed to the Galaxy line of devices exclusively to start, with a broader device roll-out expected sometime later this year. Users will have access to 200+ country maps, turn by turn, business search, and offline support.

Android Arena!



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