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All About Android
Episode 182

All About Android: Yet Another Messaging Platform 182



Samsung is warning that its Q3 earnings will be weak, down nearly 60% from 2013, this thanks to lower priced smartphones and increased competition. Samsung's advanced features are regularly seen in lower cost competing devices nowadays.
China and emerging markets are the next frontier but you have companies like Xiaomi offering top quality devices for sometimes half of what Samsung's top tier devices go for. And Apple's steady rise in the higher end makes Samsung's higher end options less differentiated, especially in light of the iPhone's larger size.
If Samsung's bottom line continues to erode, how does that affect Android as a platform? Does that mean the lower tier manufacturers get their day in the sun or does it mean defection to other platforms like iOS and Windows Phone?
We've talked before about what Touchwiz might look like when Version L is integrated. Would Samsung stay true to Google's vision of the next version of Android? Or to itself? Video leaked with a test build of TouchWiz based on version L.
The day Google Voice users have waited for has finally arrived! Almost. Google Voice is now compatible with MMS on 100 North American carriers. Excluded from that list: Verizon. Of course. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are working to both send and receive MMS via Google Voice. Anyone on Verizon can send MMS to a Google Voice user successfully but GV users on Verizon can't use the service to send them. So close.

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HTC has an event tomorrow, where it's expected to announce a new phone in the HTC One M8 family, with an emphasis in some way on the camera. The tagline: "Don't adjust your screen, just focus on the date." The device is expected to be called the HTC M8 Eye, with a Duo camera in tow. Rumor has it that HTC's scrapping of the ultrapixel approach in favor of a 13 MP camera.
HTC did go on the record ahead of the event though, telling Re/code that though they are hard at work on wearables of some sort, none will be launched tomorrow. "We had originally planned to have a wearable launch in this time frame, it ended up just not being ready" according to HTC America's Jason Mackenzie. They want to be sure that they have it right when they choose to come to market, saying that no one has nailed it quite yet.
OK, Nexus rumor time cause apparently, we simply can't avoid it! Check this out. First, the Nexus 6 got all stealthy in a couple of subway shots that look… maybe a bit too orchestrated but hey, ya never know. The device matches previous leaky renders and shows the device in operation so we get the chance to see the nearly 6" device to scale.
And then we have the all too familiar hallmarks of a device that is nearing its announcement: A visit to the FCC revealing support for AT&T and T-Mobile first, with the others likely to follow (possibly Verizon too but don't know that for certain.)
And finally, Geekbench scores that measure CPU performance surfaced showing the Motorola NExus 6 performing at the top of the chain in multi-core performance, and on top of other top tier Android devices in single core performance, beat only by the iPhone 5s and 6.
And what about the other Nexus? The HTC Nexus 9 is also expected, and upleaks on Twitter has the leaked image, showing off the tablets 4:3 dimensions. And yes, the Nexus 9 also made an FCC appearance, with a Wifi only model expected and a 4G model to follow.



Hey guys, I love the show

I thought it was interesting when you said that Android in the car won’t allow users to control certain things while driving. I think this is a feature that will be able to be shut off.

Think of it this way. Let’s say for the sake of this argument that I’m a reckless driver. If Android in the Car tells me I can’t do something I want to do while I’m driving, I’m just going to disconnect the car interface and simply hook up the phone through Bluetooth and interact through my phone. When you consider that someone could do that, suddenly it’s safer to allow users to bypass these controls when they want to.

Keep up the great work

Rich Westbury, NY



Google is planning to launch its own mobile messaging app which they're planning to test in India and other emerging markets, according to the India Times. Last month, Google sent top product manager Nikhyl Singhal to India to research the messaging app ecosystem in the country.
The new Google messenger app is in early stages of development and is likely to be launched in 2015, sources aware of the plans said. A Google spokesperson, however, declined to comment.
Of course Google reportedly made an offer of over $10 billion to buy Whatsapp, the instant messaging app which was ultimately bought by Facebook for $19 billion.



Recently I have been looking for an app that solves a very specific issue that I'm sure many tech users suffer.  (If I'm about to talk about an app you've highlighted in the past, I apologize)  At night when I'm getting comfortable in bed, I like to read.  A few years ago, I replaced purchasing actual books with digital books.  As a night reader, I hear time and again that I am not suppose to put a screen in from of my face one hour before bed, so just recently I started looking for a solution.  

There is a PC resolution to this problem called F.Lux and I found out there is a phone and tablet app called Twilight that will do almost the same thing.  Do any of you have experience with an app like this?  Is this something you've featured in the arena in the past?  If not...this might be something that could nail down a win for anyone but Ron.  (Ron, I never vote against you out of spite, I promise.  You're apps are usually awesome)

Again, fantastic podcast.  I listen every single week.  

Thank you, Scott, Lake, Wisconsin

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