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All About Android
Episode 19

All About Android 19: Android Global Domination



  • Android conquers almost 50 percent of smartphone market
  • research firm Canalys; Google's Android platform has taken almost 50 percent of the global smartphone market, dominating in the Asia-Pacific region; It was the number one platform in 35 of the 56 countries Canalys tracks, resulting in a market share of 48 percent, the research firm said.
  • Android’s Matias Duarte: Ice Cream Sandwich Will Help Devs Cope With Myriad Form Factors
  • "Ice Cream Sandwich will continue the very challenging job of trying to create an embeddable platform that has the flexibility of the web. We’re trying to make one size fits all, and there are different products for different needs. That said, we know it is hard to design in that environment. Ice Cream Sandwich gives you a lot of tools to help you build one app that works more seamlessly across a variety of screen sizes and different form factors. And before that, we’re rolling out tools that help developers focus and optimize. We recently launched features that let you have multiple APKs and specific device targeting. We’re looking to make that transition easier and create really good-looking stuff on Android."(Paraphrased)


Could you let us know how the latest T-Mobile G2X update is working? I want to know if the update fixed the G2X issues. I'm buying the HTC Sensation or the G2X next month. Your thoughts will help me make my decision.

Tony @iSting

I'm new to the Android thing, and I'm considering getting a tablet. One thing that I have wondered when shopping is deciding on memory versus cost tradeoff.

The Toshiba Thrive (for example) costs $429 / $479 / $579 for the 8GB / 16GB / 32GB models respectively.

How much will I really need? I'd rather not waste money on the full 32GB if I could buy the cheaper 8GB model and then use the SD slot to add room for media files if I really need it.

I probably won't be loading tons of apps and no games, but I might get around to doing some development work in the future.

Will I regret getting the 8GB model?

What do you recommend in terms of memory.




  • New update to gmail app
  • Version 2.3.5 of the Gmail app for Android is now available for download and literally will help cut down on power and bandwidth consumption – something that’s indeed nice for those on a budget. From the looks of it, you’ll have the ability to sync only priority emails. new features like a new option that allows you to set custom alert tones for the various labels, ability to set “Show Pictures” for specific senders, turn off sticky message actions, and better TalkBalk support for accessibility


I have a question/problem that is driving me crazy. I own the HTC Desire (original) and seem to be having a problem with my system memory. Over the past year, I have downloaded a fair amount of apps, but yet I haven’t gone crazy with purchases. My phone is showing that out of 146MB of memory, a go from having 10 – 20 MB free. This is causing me to have to move apps from my SD card to my phone so I can install updates. How can I reclaim some of that memory? I would like to use a few more apps, but I hate the constant juggling.

Some more info:

-I run App2SD to move anything I can to the 16GB SD Card

- I would rather not ROM my phone. But would be willing to entertain Cyanogen if it is easy.

What would you recommend I do to solve my problem?

Thanks! Love the Show!!!!!!!!!

Kory K

Android Arena!


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