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All About Android
Episode 22

All About Android 22: Take It To The Cloud



  • Android dominates iOS in 2nd quarter, study finds
  • NUMBERS! US Smartphone numbers from research firm NPD finds Android was running on 52 percent of all the smartphones last quarter, iOS is at 29 percent market share and BlackBerry OS came in third in with 11 percent share, NPD said.
  • Cyanogen gets a job with Samsung
  • Vows to stick with Cyanogenmod
  • Almost immediately after we wrapped last week's show, news spread of Steve Kondik, also known as Cyanogen and head of the Cyanogenmod team, securing a position with Samsung working, as he puts it, "on making Android more awesome." This of course led the many fans of Cyanogenmod ROMs to question the future of the team. Have no fear. A blog post on the team's site confirms that they are still working hard on revisions to the ROMs. In other words, it ain't going nowhere.
  • Report: Google's Rubin Split Android Bonus With Team
  • That resulted in paydays between $10,000 and $50,000 for Googlers across the team, the Journal said. Rubin's appreciation for these Googlers didn't stop there. The Android chief reportedly throws two parties a year for employees at his Mountain View home.


  • Two Mentions: Acer A500/HTC Sensation
  • I've got the HTC Sensation and will review next week
  • Will Deasy - came by the TWiT Brickhouse to watch TWIT yesterday and showed me his Acer Iconia A500 - a little heavy, but fast!


Hey AAA team, I've had my first Android phone -- the LG G2x on T-Mobile -- since May, and I really like it (other than the random reboots). But now I want to move from 2.2 to at least 2.3, and I don't think T-Mo is going to push an official update any time soon, so I want to install an aftermarket ROM.

I've already rooted using SuperOneClick and am backing up with Titanium Backup, but now I've read some things that are making me all angsty about taking the next step. Namely, this mention on the CM7 Nightly page about how Tegra2 devices needs to have ROM Manager / ClockworkMod installed differently or it could be unrecoverable if something goes wrong:

It is strongly recommended that you flash clockwork recovery via NVFlash. If for some reason this or a future nightly build causes your phone to not boot up, you will not be able to boot into recovery unless you have it flashed via NVFlash.

To clear up some confusion, if you flashed your recovery via ROM Manager, you didn't actually flash a recovery. It is what we call a fakeflash, you should still probably flash with NVFlash. (link)

Not that I plan on using the nightly builds, but I really don't want my phone to get bricked if I mess something up!

Anyway, just wondering if you all have any insight on that matter and if you've heard of any ROMs to try or to avoid on this phone.

Thanks, and I really enjoy the show!


Fort Collins, CO


  • Android Devs Can Now Start Optimizing Their Apps For Google TV
  • With the upcoming OS update to Honeycomb, Google TV devices will be Android compatible. That means developers can build great new Android apps for TV, optimize existing mobile or tablet apps for TV, and distribute those apps through Android Market....While the add-on does not contain all features of Google TV, it enables developers to emulate Google TV and build apps using standard Android SDK tools.
    • note: apps which require touchscreen will not appear.

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