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All About Android
Episode 250

All About Android 250: Smells Like Shenzhen



    • No Google Glass is not dead. It’s living a new life in its enterprise pursuit. But the social media accounts that the old Google Glass used to spread its message all went dark. Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts for Google Glass are now all shut down, practically sealing the coffin for the consumer version of Google Glass.



  • VOICEMAIL: Anonymous regarding Android lag
  • I read a lot on my android devices. I use the various bookstores(nook, kindle, play books) and a few non-store specific readers like Aldiko.I try a lot of them out and I have my preferences. I am also a comic nerd. Again, there are some store specific options, Comixology or Marvel Unlimited for example. Where I have a question is in the non-store tied comics. There is Humble Bundle, and a number of other legal sources of comics are out there without DRM. So here is my question, what are the good apps for reading comics? Jeremiah McCoy


Android Arena!


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