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All About Android
Episode 252

All About Android 252: The Yard of Rakes





  • AAA team,
Why can't Google get search right in the Play Store? This is an old issue but one that never seems to be improving. I went to check out 'Qwestr' (from episode 251) since I love gamifying anything. Searching for the app by name, it doesn't appear in the top results {attached} . In fact, the app doesn't show up until 21st on the list. I know there is lots of google magic (popularity and probably advertising) at work here, but will I ever be able to simply type in an app name and get that app as the top search result? This example almost seems as though Google is harming smaller app developers in favor of more established brands.
Atlanta, GA

  • Hi,
I'm a long time subscriber and Android fanboy who has been pushed to the brink of giving up on Android. Today my LG G4 died as it is in an endless boot loop acknowledged by LG itself. I've had the device for only 8 months. I realized 2 things.
1. Every single one of my android devices has had issues in the past month. I have 2 Nvidia Shield TV's which started rebooting randomly due to a software bug in the "Location Services." 2 weeks ago 1 of my Shield TV remotes began malfunctioning, causing random jumps back to the home screen. Also the Shield TV would be playing multiple audio sources whenever it woke up, resulting in a headache inducing cacaphony. I unpaired the remote which resolved the issue. Then today my G4 went into the endless boot loop.
2. NONE of my Android phones have lasted more than 14 months. (Motorola Droid 2, Samsung (Verizon) Galaxy Nexus (2 of them), Nexus 5, and my LG G4.) The longest lasting was the Nexus 5 at 14 months which was killed by the Lollipop update. Lollipop caused it to reboot 3X a week (at first) but required "optimizing apps" which took 45 mins! When it started happening 3X per day I got fed up.
On top of that, my 1st Nvidia Shield TV was DOA when I first ordered it and had to be exchanged.
I've come to the conclusion that Android hardware reliability is just not acceptable. Phones should last > 14 months. 4 of my 5 Android phones died within 1 year! TV boxes need to be bulletproof like my ROKU 3 is. My love for the OS has blinded me for the past 4-5 years. I'll be switching out all of my Android hardware by the end of 2016. The hardest part will be no longer listening to AAA. I've been listening to Jason since CNET and Ron got me (and my wife) back into comics with iFanboy.
I can't be the only one whose had these issues. A normal person would have dumped Android a long time ago if they experienced what I did. The Android OEM's need to up their game.

  • Hi I'm Mark from Topeka Kansas. I'm a Google voice user so I use hangouts for texting but it looks like Google is pushing people towards messenger. A lot of sites are saying that Google will be taking texting out of hangouts. What are the options for a Google voice user if hangouts stops working for SMS? Thanks and love the show.
P.S. I've had no issues with my Nexus 5x. Everything is fast and smooth and the battery lasts me all day.
Mark H


Android Arena!

Last weeks poll:

Jason: Mr Phone, Free

Ron: Guides By Lonely Planet, Free

Ron Amadeo:Downwell, $3.99

Flo: Dimly, Free

This Week's Poll:

Notable Quotes

Flo: So Ron [Amadeo], if you were a piece of bread, what kind of bread would you be?

Ron Amadeo: Um, white bread? I don't know.


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