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All About Android
Episode 26

All About Android 26: Rumor-palooza


Andy Rubin appeared on stage at Intel's Developer Forum last Tuesday to announce that future versions of Android, from the core of the OS to multimedia, would be optimized to support Intel's Atom processors. Intel promised an Atom based Android phone will hit the market in the first quarter of 2012. This is arguably a bigger deal for Intel than it is for Google, as Intel has until now struggled to find credibility in the mobile space. And for Google, it means being tasked with developing the Android code for both ARM and Intel's x86 platforms going forward. The question I had is: Would this mean devs now have to code twice, once for each platform, or do the APKs work on both platforms?
Brian Gatley on G+ had this to say: Android apps are written in pure Java and run in a dalvik virtual machine. As long as they don't radically change the platform I can't see this changing. VM's are CPU independent"


I'm Carolin, all the way from the other side of the globe, Singapore. I've been a loyal listener of AAA, love the show! And sometimes I catch a few episodes live from during work (It's daytime here while you're airing your episodes). Anyway, I've been following each and every episode but you guys haven't actually mentioned anything about apps on health and fitness. I've been trying to lose weight these few months and just want opinions from everyone about which app is the best to actually keep track on calorie intake and exercises done. So... Hope you guys read my email! :P

Take care! And keep the show going!



Here's what we *think* we know (maybe) --how's that for indecisive? --
  • Galaxy Nexus:
Galaxy Nexus with ICS headed to Verizon, possibly as soon as November 3 with a different version of the phone headed to other carriers a few weeks later.
It only has a lock switch and volume rocker, no home screen button as previously reported.
Curved screen,
4.65" HD (1280x720) display
16GB internal storage
SD slot
8.8mm thick
Possible QWERTY slideout keyboard.
Ice Cream Sandwich
Version 2.4.1 that works like GB but with a major facelift
  • Blues and purples instead of green, glassy look, smoother menus, better animations, customizable app drawer with folders, widget previews
  • Apps have all been redone to fit the new look.

Galaxy SIII

  • Possible unveiling at MWC 2012
32GB internal storage
4.65" SAMOLED III display at 352ppi
10MP cam with 1080p 60fps video
  • Unannounced Motorola Android tablet caught on film, possibly a 7-incher
    • Back in February, Motorola's CEO Sanjay Jha promised that more members of a family of Motorola tablets would hit before years end. He also stressed the portibility and fun factor of the 7inch tablet numerous times. Well, we might be looking at the subject of his adoration. A leaked photo hit showing what appears to be a 7inch Motorola tablet running Honeycomb that has the angled corner stylings of the Photon 4G... possibly the new design aesthetic for this family of Motorola tablets? Not much more to go on, but it looks pretty enticing.
  • HTC Jetstream tablet on AT&T
1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon CPU with Adreno 220 graphics,
1gb RAM
32 gb internal storage
Front video chat camera
rear 8 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash
3G/4G with HSPA+ and LTE
microSD card slot


What do you guys think about the grid10 tablet? It seems like a good deal at 299 and seems pretty innovative compared to the rest of the android crowd. I think it would even do pretty well if it was sitting in a store right next to an iPad. Opinions? Thoughts?


I have been listening to all about android since I had an iphone and then you guys convince me to buy an android. Anyways I have a very very big problem, I have deleted some conversations from a text messages and I do not know how to get back from samsung galaxy s fantasize from verizon. I called verizon and they said I would need a court order for that. Please help me is there any app or program I can download or anything else I can do to get my text messges back. Please let me know if this can be done or cannot be done.

Thank You, hope to hear from you soon.

Harjinder Dhindsa


Developers should head over to the Android Developers blog from Google as details around making your apps Ice Cream Sandwich friendly are spelled out in some detail. The blog post lets devs know how you can get started with the ICS sdk once it arrives. If this type of info is hitting the web now, and with the rumors around ICS swirling at break neck pace, I'd imagine that will be very soon.
  • IntoNow - for the new fall TV season!

Might not be available in all markets - reported to be unlisted in Android Market from Australia.

Android Arena!


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