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All About Android
Episode 27

All About Android 27: Duly Noted



In the hope that it might cause Amazon (which I otherwise love) to stop doing whatever it is doing to PO developers and indirectly doing a disservice to its customers, I would hope that you would have a discussion about many apps not having been updated in the Amazon Appstore even though several updated versions have been uploaded to the Android Market in the intervening months. This seems to be particularly true of apps which had been Amazon's "Free App of the Day" at some point.

I have written to Amazon about this and was told to communicate directly with the developers; I have done so and, while at least one privately sent me the update, I don't recall seeing any actually post an update in the Appstore. This includes some apps that I had purchased from Amazon rather than the Market to show my gratitude for the free apps but which might have later been the App of the Day.

Because of this situation, I consider the free apps to be nothing more than a lite version of an app, albeit ad-free, and paid apps to be a potential rip-off; if I need an upgrade of any such app, or need the full version of any new app, I'll only be going to the Android Market unless Amazon fixes this problem.



Route calls/SMS to all devices
Voicemail transcription
Call Screening
Create groups for contacts (different greetings/call screen settings for each)
Record calls at any time during a call
Port your existing number for $20
Use the Web interface to make calls/SMS/listen to VMs
  • BAD:
No MMS support
Can't use third party SMS apps
Requires you to either use a NEW phone # (your GV number)...or port but porting means: You lose MMS support, Your current contract ends so watch out for ETF, the transition can be quick but can also take a few days, supposedly.
No customer support."



  • No Food app:


So glad you like my No Food app i made on the fly during last weeks episode. You don't have to worry about it hacking your phone. I really don't know why it wanted Storage(modify or delete SD card contents), Network communication(full internet access) and phone calls (read phone state). I think this is just default this that app inventor does. But i really wanted this email to be about app inventor. I'm said to see google let go of such a cool product that will let you make simple apps on the fly. I'm glad to see it does have a new home at MIT but I hope they will still let the public use it. Now that app i made was really simple with it. (I'm no computer programmer so this proves app inventor is easy to use.) Yeah the apks are big i hope when it officially goes to MIT they can compress the apks more. The other thing i made with app inventor was a text bombing app that had it's uses with some annoying friends. But besides that I made the No Food app out of fun and i hope you enjoyed the laugh.



Android Arena!


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