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All About Android
Episode 28

All About Android 28: Tablet Disruption


A security hole in certain HTC phones has been discovered by Richard Ekhart and unveiled on after he gave HTC a 5-day window to respond and react… to no avail. The hole allows any app with basic Internet permission to access the HTCLogger file that details TONS of juicy tidbits including:
GPS locations
IP addresses, WiFi state and other network information
Email addresses
SMS messages
Call log phone numbers
List of installed apps, permissions used, user IDs, and versions
Detailed system information like running processes, memory and CPU data, bootloader and kernel versions, and charging/wake battery status
Affected devices: HTC EVO 3D, EVO 4G, Thunderbolt, EVO Shift 4G,MyTouch 4G Slide, some of the Sensation line


Samsung is now paying Microsoft to license patents that are allegedly infringed upon by Android. Knowing this and the fact that every major Android phone vendor is paying for some form of patent licensing from MS (aside from Motorola), is it safe to still buy Android? Will these be abandoned even quicker as manufacturers feel that Google isn't backing them up? Would you still buy a new Android phone if you knew you'd be stuck with it for 2 years?

I don't have the budget to pay $600 for a phone now and again in a year or whenever the newest, greatest phone is released. So when the Droid Prime is released, I have to decide between the Prime, Bionic, and whatever high end HTC phone is released (Vigor?).


Derek Baltimore, MD"


In case you've been living under a pile of kindling, Amazon announced a whole slew of updates to their Kindle E-book line including the Android-based Kindle Fire which has the potential to be seriously disruptive to the tablet space this holiday season.
It features a 7" display, TI OMAP4 1Ghz dual core processor, 8GB of internal storage, an infrared sensor touchscreen (not capacitive) and wifi only. It lacks a camera and features a highly customized version of Android that looks nothing like the Gingerbread version 2.3 that it's built on. The tablet centers tightly around Amazon's ecosystem of e-books, video, music and basically anything else you can buy through the store online. The kicker: $200.


  • SUMMARY: Pros we missed:
Rick: Send SMS via WiFi, good for when you are out of the country/in low signal area
  • Cons we missed:
Wayne: GV can't do SMS to email/email to SMS as Google doesn't provide an email gateway service.
Doug: Mobile users calling GV numbers can get dinged for minutes even if they have free mobile to mobile.
Allison: GV can't send international SMS

You did not mention two other major problems with Google Voice SMS.

Google Voice SMS cannot do any SMS to email or email to SMS messaging at all since Google doesn't provide an email gateway service (IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT)! I use this for my home security system since it supports email messaging. I have my home security system setup to send alerts to my carriers text messaging phone number, and use Tasker's SMS feature to send arm/disarm commands to the email address of my home security system using the carriers SMS to email gateway.

Enjoy the show...


One huge benefit you didn't mention us that you can send text messages via wifi. This helps when you are out of the country or in a low signal area.

Rick Huebner

When mobile users call an actual Google Voice number, they'll get dinged for airtime minutes EVEN IF they have free mobile to mobile calling like Sprint has. If you're on Sprint you can use the GV/Sprint integration and avoid this problem.

Doug in Pasadena

I was a pretty early adopter of Google Voice and I listened to your episode hoping you would mention what I find to be its biggest shortcoming: No international text messaging. I do understand that GVoice might not be available for other countries, but why can't I send to an international number? I have had to keep my old phone number and give that number to my friends in other countries as my text message number. So stupid.

Allison Bakke

Please point all of your fans to the following page to vote on new features for Google voice, one option is MMS

Daniel Schreifels

Hello All About Android Crew I like the show and listen to it every week. My question is I'm looking for different radio apps to listen to sports I know MLB , NHL and NFL has their own apps to listen to the games but are their any other android apps to listen to live sports games on android? Also what are you favortie radio apps for android? Thanks and keep up the good work. Senserly, Kenny Kraly Jr. (kenkraly20 in the IRC Chatroom) From:Ohio

Kenny Kraly Jr. Hometown: Ohio"


A post on Google's Chromium Code site hints at a future release of Chrome for Android. The revision log says most desktop features will be included as well as the Skia 2D graphics library that Google's been working on.
Finally! and a competitor for Instagram???

Android Arena!


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