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All About Android
Episode 32

All About Android 32: Skyrocket... In Flight?



Previous guest and Editor of Android Central wrote up this opinion piece that does a good job balancing the approach taken with this infographic. "Once again, low-end phones are placed on a level playing field with high-end devices. It is going to make for a lopsided chart. And it has, again and again."


The Droid 4 has leaked! The popular Motorola/Verizon slide-out keyboard phone has a fourth version caught in photos with a little bit more of the same, design-wise. Supposedly a 4inch Super AMOLED Advanced screen, an illuminated keyboard, and running 2.3.5 Gingerbread. And what hot new Verizon phone would even show it's face without 4G LTE capabilities. Speculation has this releasing sometime before the end of the year.

Hardware Review


Dolphin HD, an app featured on previous episodes, has been outed in a security breach that exposes the URLs for every page loaded to the maker of the app. The transmission of URLs was being used to match against Dolphins 300+ sites that utilize the Webzine format, and the URL was not stored on Dolphin's servers. They say that they will be using HTTPS for this functionality in the near future. In the meantime, an updated version of the app fixes this issue, so update now if you haven't already!
Completely new app and new visual design
Battery life improvements
Navigation and performance improvements
Significant notifications improvements
Brand new posting UI
Several bug fixes
Support for Google Apps users
Ability to sign out
Add people to a circle from circle profiles
Widget is gone, no link previews, still no ability to +1 comments


You read an email that the guy was asking to retrieve his contacts and you explained how to clear his contacts. the way you read it was that he was not syncing the contacts to gmail but then added a gmail account and the contacts disappear. as a note NOT all contacts are always uploaded. There is actually a Phone contact list that is not synced anywhere so in clearing the contacts storage he may have wiped it all out. To view the phone contacts go to your contacts app and press menu -> settings -> View and you have choices for several different address books Google accounts, SIM, and Phone.

On cyanogen roms it is not there but I know I have helped customers with it when they put the contacts in the wrong address book. you are then able to select which books are visible/accessible. My guess is that when he added a google account it made the standard phone contacts not visible. so he just needs to export them from the phone and import them to google account. I hope this helps before he clears it.

Thank you,

Michael C. Richman

Android Arena!

Outro Video


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