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All About Android
Episode 34

All About Android 34: Flying Through Feedback


technically for version 4.0.1 of Android; It also includes the source code of Honeycomb. From the post: This release includes the full history of the Android source code tree, which naturally includes all the source code for the Honeycomb releases. However, since Honeycomb was a little incomplete, we want everyone to focus on Ice Cream Sandwich.



I am upgrading my daughter from a IXL playschool to an android tablet this Christmas. I am thinking about the Kindle Fire, but I really don't want to subscribe to another video service. I already have Netflix and Hulu+. Is there anything out there around the $200 to $250 mark that can play Netflix and has the android app store. She is 3, so i would have to have a recommendation for a good case also. Thanks

Mike from Moine Illinois

I need help from your supreme brain trust of Android. Right now, I use an iPad as my daily tablet, but I would much rather have a Honeycomb or ICS device. However, if I want to switch over, I need a way to watch on demand TV shows. I don't like iTunes, but it is a great way to download shows and watch them on my iPad. So far, the only Android alternative I've found is watching Amazon Video on Demand in the browser, but quality is often poor and assuming I get a wifi only tablet, I will only be able to watch in a wifi hotspot. Do you guys have any suggestions to download and watch TV shows on Android? Thanks, and I love the show.

Jack W

Please discuss the benefits and drawbacks of rooting and ROMing. Is stock better or custom roms?

Eamon O'Callaghan

I also would like to hear more about rooting and ROMing, specifically, rooting - is it worth it, can it be undone, does it help or hurt the force closes and freezes as mentioned above?"

Jonathan Feist

Just got a new Samsung Galaxy S2 and thought I would pass on a few thoughts. Overall I love the phone. However it came with a ton of bloatware. I kept looking for root guides until finally at the end of last week I came across this site. It's really well done, and focuses on the galaxy s2. After rooting and putting the Eagles Blood ROM on I noticed a significant increase in battery life and it seems quicker. Anyway just thought I'd pass this along.

Love the show.

Oh, and by the way, props to Tmobile. I bricked my first galaxy s2 within 6 hours of getting it. I called Tmobile fully expecting to have to buy a new one. They had a new phone out to me before I even got the bricked one in the mail.

Hello from the UK. I'm a new android user. I was wondering if you could mention some of my security apps and privacy on android.

1.recently my friend just picked up my phone and started browsing and using my twitter app. Is there anyway i can protect my phone?

2.I have downloaded a cache cleaner,but my girlfriend could still see that i was looking at adult material online when she used my browser!! (she was very angry)

3.any other security or privacy apps you guys could mention......

Really enjoying your show,all of you seem to gel well together and i cant wait each week to download:-) The show is funny i like when you keep trying to update every 5mins lol. Hope my email was ok.

From. David (Uk)

  • 1. Add security lock to your phone.
  • 2. See question 1 or ask Ron.
  • 3. Lookout,, Lock apps"

I have a Samsung Captivate, and I've switched through a few ROM'S over the past month or so. Since I started this, my search button has been glitching. It will randomly press itself 5 or 6 times in a row without any input from me. It's really frustrating, and I can't figure out how to fix it. Please help! (BTW, I love the show and look forward to it each week!)


Chris G (in Louisiana)"

First off I wanted to say that i absolutely love the show and is the first thing i watch as soon as it is out each week.

I believe Jason has mentioned that he has a young child, and i was wondering if you have any recommendations for apps for toddlers. My daughter is 18 months old, and is always wanting to play with my Epic 4g. I've found a couple apps that she can play with (Toddler Lock and Drumkit), but was wondering if you have any other recommendations. Toddler Lock especially has been great since it actually locks the screen so she can't accidentally close it, and it has been a life saver when out to dinner or waiting somewhere and she starts to get a little antsy.

Thanks, and again, great job on the show!


I have a Windows 7 Home Theater PC which primarily serves as a Media Center for my kids' videos. I really want to replace it with a low-powered Google TV. I know I won't be getting the streaming services and the cable tv integration but I don't care about that. We're an Android Household (Nexus S, Nexus One, Galaxy Tab). What I'm excited about are the apps and what developers can potentially do when they begin integrating experiences across Android Devices like Crazy Snowboard's WiFi remote.

So my questions are, will a Google TV be as easy for my kids to operate and am I raising my expectations too high? Logitech has already basically given up, do you think a company like Motorola will fill the void, especially with ICS coming out?

Thanks. Love the show. Dino from the Philippines

I believe there is a market for a $100 Google TV device that has apps. Why would Logitech step away now and just leave it to Sony? Why aren't more manufacturers jumping on this? A full fledged Apple TV is coming, we know this. Why not offer an more open Android solution? Seems like a good opportunity to me.

Will in Denver"


On sale worldwide in December starting at $499 (32GB) or $599 (64GB). Keyboard dock at $149. 1280 x 800, Super IPS+ Gorilla Glass display. 1GB of RAM, GPS, gyroscope, SonicMaster audio, 1.2MP front-facing camera. 8MP rear camera, 1080p video. 12hr battery, plus additional 6 from the keyboard dock.


Love the show but I wanted to mention an app that I cannot live without and it kind of sounds like you guys need. The app is called AudioGuru and it lets you set individual volume levels for Ringer, Notifications, Alarm, ETC depending on certain times of the day. In a previous episode you recommended a scripting app to do the same thing for a college goer and in last week's episode I believe Jason mentioned he doesn't want his phone near the bed when he sleeps.

With this app you can set your schedule and the phone auto adjusts for you depending on time of day. A few features I like are the ability to pretty much disable vibrate system wide no matter the individual app notification settings, and it has some EXCELLENT widgets for quickly changing audio settings. Couldn't live without it.

Stay Awesome.


I was curious if you have discussed car stereo head units that work well with Android. I am specifically interested in a Bluetooth connection, but I want it to display the track information and work with apps such as Spotify and Audible. Just to complicate things, I also want SiriusXM functionality in the unit.

It seems that every head unit on the market has full iPhone compatibility, but it's hard to find any information about Android compatibility.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



p.s. - I have the original Motorola Droid, but am upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus."

What's the name of the wallpaper Ron Richards had on his android phone? WANT


With the new phones coming out w/o ICS, I'm curious how these phones will work with ICS's button-less interface. These new GB phones will still have the 4 capacitive buttons when the ICS drops. My question is: Has anyone said what happens with these buttons and the ICS interface? Do the buttons just stop working (and are wasted space)? Does the ICS interface change based on whether your phone has capacitive buttons? (Same questions for the early tablets.)

Phill Wiggin

This is just a note to thank you for reading my letter on your show. It's taken me forever to write as it was in episode 14. It made my day in a very special way. I admit I was very behind with my podcasts. I was catching up during an unexpected hospitalization. Imagine my surprise to hear MY letter during the podcast. It helped to really boost my mood and assist in my recovery.

Jason, I'm originally from Idaho, too. I love to hear you talk about Idaho during the podcasts. Why is it that Idaho gets a bum rap?

Again, thanks for doing the show. I always learn so much and want the latest phone, but my Evo does the job for now.

Julie Reno, NV

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