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All About Android
Episode 35

All About Android 35: Buttery Smooth


McAfee and Juniper among other firms are pointing at Android as being the second biggest target for new malware, first place being claimed by Symbian. Android has seen astronomical growth and as such has become a prime target for such malicious activity according to the firms. Meanwhile, Chris DiBona, Google's open-source programs manager is calling the virus companies "charlatans and scammers" who stir the pot simply to give their products more relevance.



Remains free for up to 20,000 songs.
13million songs (versus iTunes 20million and Amazon 17million)
320Kbps/MP3 AND support for FLAC
Full MP3 store, emphasis on social (G+) (FREE/$.99-$1.29)
Free one-time full track preview of tracks shared by your friends on G+
Artist/indie friendly ( (artists set costs, artists get 70% of all revenue, versus 55-65% iTunes and 55-70% Amazon)
Google Music app updated with a new ICS overhaul
Android Market app also updated with music store functionality"


I love the show, it's easliy my favorite TWiT show and the only one I watch on video (I listen to most of the TWiT shows).

I have a lot of mp3s I ripped from CDs back in the late '90s. Since storage space was premimum back then, I ripped most of the music at 96kbps (or 128 kbps). After multiple moves, a marriage, and a baby, I have misplaced the CDs.

Itunes match seems like the perfect service for me, except that I hate itunes. I'm a loyal Google fanboy. Could I pay $25 to itunes to ""match"" all my music, then download the high quality songs, and finally upload the high quality songs into Google Music? I love Google Music and use it every day but I'm wondering if this would allow me to get high quality versions of all my music for $25. Would this be easy to do or would I have to individually download each file? (Maybe this is a question for Macbreak Weekly).

I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts (especially Eileen's since I know Tom is already using itunes match).

Chuck Kelley

  • Yes, this possible, but you may have to download each file manually, to eventually upload to google music.


Android Arena

  • @techace01: congratulations @raygun01! You are winning the AAA polls. (12 poles) @eileentv is 2ND with 8 polls. @ronxo have 5 polls.

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