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All About Android
Episode 36

All About Android 36: Ice Cream Sandwich On A Tablet



Since Ron has a GoogleTV, I was hoping you might be able to help. I just purchased a Sony TV with GoogleTV built in for my partner and me that should be arriving soon. I know that you have to link a Google account with the device, but we were not sure if we should use one of our own individual accounts or make up a separate account to be used with shared devices? Is e-mail accessible from GoogleTV? Are bookmarks synced between devices like on ChromeBooks?

Keep up the great show! Thanks!

Kevin From Orlando



I got my Fire yesterday. The only problems that I have are (1) printing from the Fire and (2) URL for the Barnes and Noble app from getjar.

Any ideas?


  • No way to print yet, best way is to email self (some printers can do that), you may be able to sideload apps, but from the forums I read, none have been successful, Kodak app can print pics

Let me first say that it annoys me to tears when I see others share their pets enjoying things like laptops and tv shows...


But I couldn't help but share this picture of my cat Grey enjoying a recent episode of AAA. She was mesmerized by the show. (commence eye roll sequence)

Here's a link on flickr.

Just a special shout out from two of your biggest fans in "flyover country". Keep up the amazing work and love your show!

Jeff & Grey.


Have a Google-unapproved Android device? Want to use the Android Market to install apps on your device? Apparently, now you can if you use the web version of the Android Market on your unapproved device. This includes notables like the Kindle Fire, Nook Color and Nook Tablet. Heck, have an HP Touchpad? That'll work too.


After hearing about Folder Organizer from Jason on All About Android, I bought it from the Android Market. Some time later, Amazon offered it as a Free App Of The Day. So I got it from there too (my wife and I share an Amazon account so she can get all the free apps I've collected). Now every day Amazon tells me I have an app to update, and if I do then the Android Market tells me it has an update for Folder Organizer, then the whole thing starts again. I want to keep the Android Market version, since I've learned from AAA that those apps are more often the most up to date. Is there anything I can do to make Amazon forget about this app??

Thanks, I love the show!

Nick, Augusta GA

Android Arena!


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