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All About Android
Episode 38

All About Android 38: The "Finally" Show



2:14- 2:54 Talking about ICS, Honeycomb and what will J be?
37:01 - 38:05 - Android is ahead of iPhone
38:57-40:41 - Schmidt on Google TV



I just wanted to share with you something that made me smile: I am a highschool student and part of the local Key Club at my highschool. Last week, doctors discovered a tumor on the brain stem of my club's president. He went through surgery to remove the tumor and it was mostly successful. However, he will still be in the hospital for a while so my club decided that we wanted to get him something to make his time in the hospital more bearable. We unanimously decided to get him a tablet, but we didn't have a lot of money to throw around. I brought up the Kindle Fire and at first it wasn't a warmly taken idea, because of the conception of it being an e-reader plus and not a "tablet." But after explanation (and the low price definitely helped) we chose to get him one. We bought it and gave it to him that day in the hospital and he loved it. Now his time in the hospital is that much more bearable. I just wanted to say thank you Amazon for creating such a low-cost yet high quality option, and thank you, aaa, for being my weekly informer about this kind of stuff. I wouldn't have been able to suggest it had i not learned about it through your podcast.




Your show continues to deliver good stuff week and week.

I just wanted to pass along an app. that I recently found. For a long time I've wanted to take screen shots from my phone but I didn't want to root it.

And now . . . "No Root Screen Shot It"

Worth checking out.


Android Arena!


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