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All About Android
Episode 43

All About Android 43: We Gotcha Back


LG has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft that covers tablets, phones and other Android devices. This now means that 70% of Android smartphones sold in the US are licensing Microsoft patents. LG says that "this agreement allows both companies to move beyond the legal issues and get on with doing what both companies do best, which is developing products and delivering services that benefit consumers."
MS now has deals with HTC, Wistron, Onkyo, Velocity Micro, Inc., General Dynamics Itronix, Acer, ViewSonic, Samsung, Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics.


In regard to the question of preferring GoogleTV built into the TV or being part of a set-top box, if it's built into the TV, you need some way to completely disable it. Here's why...

If the manufacturer isn't going to provide an update to the latest GoogleTV, and you decided to get it through a set-top box, wouldn't the old GoogleTV in the TV be running on top of the new GoogleTV in the set-top box?

I bring this up because I returned my Sony GoogleTV because there was no passthrough mode for gaming. This leads me to think I'd also be stuck with whatever version of GoogleTV the manufacturer decides to support.

For now, I'm going to stick with "dumb" TVs with smart set-top boxes.

Neal Olathe, KS (That's pronounced O-lA'-thuh).




I've got a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and I'm having a heck of a time copying files between the phone and my pc when connected via USB cable. Scouring forums seems to indicate that this is a known problem. Have you guys come up with any solutions, tips or tricks to share?



  • Problem: When copying something like pictures to the GN, a few pics will copy normally, then the copy process will hang indefinitely. Seeing this reported on PC, Ubuntu and Mac… rooted and unrooted, large files or large groups of files.
  • Seems to be issues with how different computers handle the MTP files system that exists on the GN which has no removable storage, thereby eliminating the possibility of UTP.
  • Solutions (aka workarounds):
Make sure you are using the cable that came with your phone (some think this might be part of the problem… I'm suspicious of that)
Copy your files to the root directory, then move them from that location to the directory of your choosing.
Some say deleting the Pictures folder, then creating your own works going forward in that it removes any strange permissions the previous Pictures folder may have had. Some also say this does nothing.
Wireless file transfer (WiFi File Explorer) does the trick
Lot's of reports saying worked too
SwiFtp to create an FTP server out of your phone
Dropbox can work, but might take a while to do the simple things
Google Support Page on the issue

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