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All About Android
Episode 44

All About Android 44: The Zen Show


Around 700,000 Android activations per day
250 million total Android devices activated to date
11 billion app downloads, up 1 billion in a month"
  • Apple says Galaxy Nexus infringes slide-to-unlock utility model in Germany
    • Apple has decided to go after the Galaxy Nexus in German court based on its slide-to-unlock implementation, this being the first time Apple has targeted a Nexus device with patent claims. What's most obvious to me is that Apple's single direction, single function slide-to-unlock is much different than the ICS implementation where, depending on the direction, different apps or actions take place. I'm no patent expert, but Apple's utility model specifically calls out that sliding to unlock merely transitions the user to a "second user-interface state" which could cover all slide-to-unlock functions on the GN. The Mannheim Regional Court is set to rule on March 16, 2012. It's not all doom and gloom. I see some sort of licensing agreement in my crystal ball.
(mobile network in Japan)


Hey, guys!

I've got an Evo that I put CyanogenMod 7 on. It runs mostly fine, but I have an issue when I want to listen to it at night (through a pillow speaker). Some apps work fine, such as Google Music (playing from internal storage) or Dolphin HD browser (on the TWiT live page), but others, like Pandora or the Sirius Radio app, last for a couple minutes, and then the phone goes to sleep, so they shut off. I've tried moving the apps over to the phone's internal memory as opposed to the memory card, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Is there a way to get the phone to not go into sleep mode when I have it plugged in, either to power or to the headphone jack? Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?

Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

Captain Temerity

  • Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Stay awake (<GB)
  • Settings -> Developer options -> Stay Awake (ICS)



Looks as though Eileen finally got here hands on the Transformer Prime. PLEEEEEASE do a decent length review of actual usage (including the GPS quality) on the AAA show. You are doing a great job with the show and cheers to Jason and Ron for doing the same. The AAA show is my Number 1 VLOG/ Entertainment source.


The common theory prior to the update stated that the Prime’s metal back plate was interfering with the GPS radio. That could still be the case but it seems less likely now that satellite information is provided by a data connection.


I love to hear you guys fumble over how to say MIUI however, I can also identify with that. I had also for a time called MIUI (my-yoo-eye) and was briskly corrected once by someone in Radio Shack, of all places. So I decided to find out for my self and alas I had been mistaken. MIUI is correctly pronounced (mee-you-eye).

Secondly, I have listened to you folks talk about transferring files to the Xoom. I also have a Xoom and do not have to use any secondary app to transfer files to the insternal storage or the sd card. I simply have installed the Motorola USB Drivers onto my Windows 7 PC and when I connect or dock my Xoom it is automatically listed as a portable device. When opened it lists "Internal Storage" & "SD Card". I have complete read write ability with both. I have noticed however when writing to the sd card through the Xoom it is a bit slower than connecting it directly to the PC. This, I'm sure, is due to read write limitations in the android OS. I have also provided a link to the Motorola USB Drivers and some PC screenshots at the bottom so you can see what I'm talking about..

NOTE: The charging drivers will not work with the Xoom. Only use the USB drivers. This has worked fine with Honeycomb and works fine for me now with ICS as well. Just want to throw in also that I have enjoyed your show the past year. Keep up the good work.

And at the time I write this Ron is the Undefeated Champion of 2012 in the Arena. :) -



Looking for an app that's been banned from the Android Market? Koush of CyanogenMod and creator of ClockwordMod is working on an alternative market for just those apps, as well as custom ROMs among other things. Gaming emulators, tethering apps, one click rooting apps, all that is expected to be available once the CyanogenMod App Store goes live. No release date has been announced.
wikipedia app


It appears that you have had a misunderstanding with regard to Eric Schmidt's comment with regard to Google TV. At CES you didn't see Google TV on more than half the TVs and downplayed his comment.

It is my understanding that what he said at Le Web was, "In 6 months more than half the TVs being sold will have Google TV on them."

The key part of the statement is "half the TVs sold." He was talking about VOLUME of sales not the different number of brands or models it will be installed on. All Google needs to do is have Google TV on a few of the top TV models and that could be half the TVs sold. It doesn't have to be on half the models of TVs, just the most popular. A few Visio models and a few Samsung models and that would cover half the TVs sold.

Keep up the good work.

Regards, Chuck Ackerman

Android Arena!


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