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All About Android
Episode 45

All About Android 45: Mandroid



You might also recall at CES 2012, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha also made a statement alluding to the possibility of scaling back the number of Moto products in 2012.
How about a developer news mini-block? First, if you've created an app and no longer wish to develop or support it yourself, why not sell it to someone who will? A new service called Apptopia promises to help devs to sell their apps to motivated folks who will keep the dream alive. The site plans to launch this February.
Also, if you are an Android dev or aspiring to be one, AND you have a Google+ account, add Android Developers to one of your circles. It's an official Google page for Android devs to "meet, share and discuss the latest on Android development" including Hangouts with Google Developer relations as well as other devs to discuss all things related to Android development.


Sprint's Galaxy Nexus signup page is live with no release date as of yet. The device will be Sprint's first LTE phone on the network, pointing to the assumption that the phone won't launch until Sprint's LTE network actually begins deployment sometime mid-2012.
  • As well, rumors point the possibility that this new variant of the Galaxy Nexus could have an enhanced PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor as well as an improved 8MP camera.


I have an unlocked wildfire s and have decided to ditch it for various issues i am having with it on top of the fact that it has so little space for apps i cant even update any apps(including gmail and maps arrg). Im pretty sure im going to get an Evo 3D as its dual core, lrg screen, promised ICS update and of coarse the 3d camera and screen.

My problem is that since the 3VO and Optimus 3D have come out it seems like there has been little to no support for 3D content. There seem to only be a half dozen 3d games (all gameloft) and very few if any 3D movies available without copying and converting your own 3d blurays.

Is this a fad that died before it got a real chance? Is there more content available im not aware of? Any plans for more content? And with MCW coming up is there a Evo 3D 2 or Optimus 3D 2 coming or is this as dead as it seems.

Thanks guys

Riche613 Ottawa Canada



No matter how I disclaim this, it's going to sound like I need the information for myself, but I'm just genuinely curious and come into contact with a lot of women, some of whom are in overly-controlling relationships where this could be an issue.

I've been seeing a lot of discussion about "monitoring" apps that are ostensibly used by parents to monitor their children's whereabouts and activities. However if you look at the fine print there is also the ever present disclaimer "Do not use this on your spouse / significant other as this may not be legal in some [blah blah blah]." This makes it obvious these apps are also used for these purposes. Not to mention the myriad of apps that come right out and say something along the lines of "track your girlfriend"

Hello, creep factor.

So that got me wondering two things:

1. Would normal security software like Lookout or AVG pick up the presence of these kinds of software?

2. Is there a very simple way to explain to someone how to tell if their Android phone has been rooted without their knowledge?

Love the show!


  • 1. From the Google+ page
Turn off GPS
LBE Privacy Guard allows you to monitor and control permissions on an app by app basis. Also find which apps are trying to steal info via the security log.
Lookout Premium, Avast AV and aSpotCat can tell you what permissions apps have and the level of location tracking. This can sometimes be confusing, however, as ads and flurry statistics will be in there as well.
Factory Reset, though some root-level tracking can still survive that.
Overall, if root-level tracking is occurring, it could be very hard to detect. Overriding in that case might only happen with
  • 2. Jerry Hildenbrand on Android Central has a great post about how to do just that.. Download a free terminal app form the market (ie. Connectbot). Launch it. If you are rooted, the command prompt with be a #. If you are not rooted, the command prompt will be a $.
  • Further, if you have a $, enter "su" and hit enter. You might get a prompt asking if its safe to grant permission for the SuperUser app (get it: su?). Safely grant that permission. Does the prompt change to #? You are in fact rooted.

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