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All About Android
Episode 47

All About Android 47: It's Technology, Man


The European Commission said Monday that the deal doesn't significantly change the market for operating systems or patents for mobile devices like cell phones or tablets. The Commission said it sees no danger that Google would prevent other device makers from using its popular Android operating system after the takeover. It said it also sees no competition problems in Google owning Motorola's patents for 3G and other key wireless technology.
It's a 12.5 billon deal; Joaquín Almunia, the E.U. competition commissioner indicated the commission "would be watching". Mr. Almunia said he cleared the deal partly because Google’s business model has been to share its Android mobile operating system with other device makers in order to gain the widest user base, making it less likely that the company would restrict the use of Android solely to Motorola, which is a relatively minor player in Europe.
  • Google Developing Home Entertainment System
  • Android at Home: Did Google Already Demo Its Rumored Home Entertainment Device at I/O Last Year?
  • Last year at Google I/O, we were interested to see as part of their Project Tungsten presentation, a home audio system that allowed the user to do cool things like bump a CD case against it in order to trigger playback of the audio on the CD. Well, now, Wall Street Journal reports on sources confirming the existence of entertainment hardware developed and manufactured by the Goog (a first for them and no doubt made easier with their acquisition of Motorola Mobility) and targeted at the living room. Think of a device that can stream your entire Google Music library, among other things and have it all controlled from your Android device. Google hopes to make it more affordable than its closest competitors in the space, Sonos, and by doing so, increase the size of that market. Sources expect it to be unveiled later this year.
Apple has filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung targeting the Galaxy Nexus. Specifically, four patents are being cited in the action. Apple already won against HTC for their patent relating to detecting and linking data in blocks of text. The remaining three (unified search, slide-to-unlock and word suggestions while typing) were issued in 2011 (though filed between 2000-2007) and as such, there's no precedent from the courts of how those will turn out. These claims target software patents and therefore, other manufacturers using ICS run a similar risk.


Solution: Just launch NEW hardware with ICS!
HTC Endeavor (aka Edge and possibly Supreme at launch) could be the first quad core handset, with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch, 720p display, 8MP RFC and 1.3MP FFC, quad-band HSPA+ radio means its probably AT&T-bound in the US. Oh, and ICS with HTC's new Sense 4.0 overlay can be expected as well.
Samsung Galaxy Note AT


Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated apps finally hit Android. (No not Instagram which... do we really even care anymore??) Google released Chrome for Android last week and it's really good. Negatives: ICS required, no flash support expected (something that Adobe has confirmed), and no extensions yet. Positives: Chrome SYNC including direct sync to the open tabs on your desktop browsers, excellent tab management that resembles WebOS tiles, Incognito mode, and the option to preload pages for faster browsing.
And Google also released Chrome to Mobile Beta which sends live URLS to Chrome for Android easily as well as send copies for offline viewing.


On TWIG, there was talk about how google only keeps track of your purchased apps and that if you got a new phone then you were out of luck for getting your free apps back easily.

That is true from the android device. However, if you go to the Google market using your computer, there is a link that shows all apps you have ever downloaded.

Hope that helps you to find all of those freebie gems..

Tony K.

  • Also apps like AppBrain make restoring ALL apps easier. If you've rooted, backup apps like Titanium allow you to restore everything INCLUDING settings/gameplay states.

Android Arena!


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