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All About Android
Episode 48

All About Android 48: AAA In The Morning


Speculation has officially begun. A number of rumors have begun to appear about the next great version of Android, Jelly Bean.
Digitimes claims Android 5.0 will launch in Q2 with a focus on tablet friendly features, Chrome system integrations, and pushing dual-operating system designs. ie: running Android and Windows 8 on the same device. Androidandme expects to see 4.1 or 5.0 announced at Google I/O June 27-29, with a release sometime in Sept/Oct. says all of that is bogus and that Jellybean will see Webtop-style docking features become standard, sensing the availability of larger resolution screens and optimizing view accordingly.
A Google patent published earlier this month would offer Android manufacturers "new options to unlock future Android devices." Google last week saw a patent it filed for back in 2010 published that describes a manner in which users interact with a smartphone--or PC--to unlock the device and perform at least one command. According to the patent filing, the commands can be anything from placing a phone call to opening an application.
From November: Google Filed Patents For Android Pattern Unlock And Gesture-Based Controls
  • Things you couldn't do with Android... until now
1: CyanogenMod 9 may use Onskreen’s Cornerstone multitasking engine “We will probably include this into CM9. it needs some polish, but the concept is just great,” said an official update.
2: Ubuntu on Android becomes real, looks to take on Moto's Webtop experience
  • Ubuntu on Android becomes real, looks to take on Moto's Webtop experience
  • Cononical, the folks that bring you the Ubunto Linux distro, announced today that they are bringing full Ubuntu to Android. Your multi-core phone can power Ubunto and allows for plugging in a hardware keyboard for the full experience. On top of that, Android runs inside of it, allowing you to run Android apps, get notifications, everything you get via Android now. This entire experience is similar to Moto's webtop experience in that, once you dock the keyboard, Ubuntu launches! More to be seen at MWC 2012."


This is Will in Tampa. I am on Verizon and will be upgrading my phone the first week of March. I disqualified the Razr Maxx, because the CDMA version has a locked boot-loader which means no custom ROMs. This leaves the Rezound and the Nexus.

The Rezound is $100 cheaper, has a faster processor, expandable storage, higher megapixel cameras, a non-pentile super LCD HD display and HTC provides an unlock tool for the boot-loader (the Nexus comes with an unlocked boot-loader).

But I also read the Sense overlay on the Rezound feels sluggish compared to ICS on the Nexus, and the battery life isn't as good as the Nexus.

I know Eileen spent some time with the Rezound, so I would like to know if she thinks the Nexus is worth $100 more than the Rezound.

I currently have an OG Droid, overclocked and running Cyanogenmod 7 (Gingerbread). I probably can't wait for any of the phones announced from Mobile World Congress to come to Verizon. Looking at Verizon's track record with Samsung, the Galaxy S III will probably never come, and any great phone will be delayed till Fall.

Thank You for your Time, Love the Show , Keep up the great work,

Will the Directv Technician"

  • 1. Locked boot loader doesn't mean it can't be done:
How to root a Razr Maxx:
  • 2. Phone advice, and opinion on the HTC Rezound


4x3 aspect ratio
1024x768 res
5-inch IPS LCD display
1.5GHz dual core CPU
8MP camera
Android 2.3
8.5mm thick frame.
Upgrade to ICS expected after 3 months
Will launch in Korea in March


I received an email about this application, and was wondering if you know anything about it. I wonder if you could check the accessibility of Ice-cream sandwich. I am told if you draw a rectangle starting from the top left of the screen, this will turn on the accessibility feature. I believe you have to start slightly away from the top of the screen. There is a youtube video that demonstrates this feature, but I am totally blind so it doesn't help, can you give it a try? I love the show. I listen to you on my commute. I spend seven hours a day riding on buses to get to and from work. I am a social worker, working with other visually impaired consumers. And I have always loved technology. I got started in the late 70s programming a Texas Instruments 99-4a. Had a Xerox 820 running CP/M, and moved on to DOS, Windows and Linux, and now Android. I hope you produce many more shows. I am really writing this as a personal message to you all. The very best of luck to you.



Beta is Ice Cream Sandwich friendly
Dragon-based Nuance voice diction (Nuance purchased Swype for $100m)


I have questions about rooting best practices. Having recently upgraded to the Razr (which is a fantastic phone, btw) I noticed there are a few "bloatware" apps (NFL, Slacker, etc.) that can't be removed unless the phone is rooted. Therefore, I've decided to give this whole rooting thing a try so I can get rid of these and other unwanted apps. After doing a few google searches I realized that: 1) Cyanogenmod (the one "name brand" I'd actually heard of) is not available for the Motorola Droid Razr and 2) there are a whooole lot of ""helpful"" sites offering advice on this, but most seem sketchy. So I'm turning to people I trust and asking if you know of a good tutorial (including how to back up the original rom to restore back to factory specs if needed) on a reliable site, and could recommend quality roms under active development.

Love the show & keep up the good work!

Dave / Ivory

  • 1. CyanogenMod is probably hard at work on bringing CM9 to Razr so be patient. But ROMing is not the same as rooting.
  • 2. xda developers!

Android Arena!


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