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All About Android
Episode 49

All About Android 49: An Intervention



We've heard about Google's Heads-up Display glasses before but New York Times is now reporting that these augmented reality glasses might hit the market by year's end AND that the glasses will in fact be Android based. Pricing should hit somewhere in the same range as current smartphones ($250-$600). Along with the visible screen, expect to see 3G/4G connectivity, GPS, motion sensors and a low res camera. Some features include Latitude location sharing, Google Goggles search and of course maps that showcase things nearby.


When asked about LG's plans to get into the Nexus game, Ramchan Woo, head of LG's smartphone division, told CNET "We're having discussions. We're working on it."


Choice is good. It always has been and always will be. Just look at the auto industry. We have choice. Many models, many shapes and sizes, many appearances. In Apple's world it's fragmented. To the rest or the world it's choice. Yes, choice in the Android world makes it more difficult for developers? Well, so what? Same thing with cars. Do you hear the windshield wiper companies complain? Do you hear the tire manufacturers complain? Do you hear the aftermarket in-dash car stereo companies complain? NO. The word fragmentation is never uttered with regard to the automobile industry. The windshield wiper companies just make many different sizes and shapes. The tire companies make many different models. The car stereo companies make different models. Did you ever pick up a Crutchfield catalog and see the word fragmented in it?


I hope you never use the word fragmentation again. The word is CHOICE. And I, as a consumer, hope that choice is never taken away from me.



Peter Daly (Shot Control)

For better or worse, 75%+ of Shot Control users (405 active installs) seem to be a result of your App Arena coverage, so it's actually a pretty good analysis of the devices and OS levels of your audience. Your audience that is interested in photo apps may not be the same as your overall audience, I don't know.

  • Key stats for your audience, using Shot Control as a proxy sample:
Almost half are on Gingerbread
About 25% are on ICS (4.0+)
About 17% have a Galaxy Nexus..leaving an interesting gap when compared to overall ICS
About 9% have a Galaxy S II
Other phones have < 4% share"


Android Arena!


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