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All About Android
Episode 51

All About Android 51: A Crazy Root Down the Rabbit Hole



Starting today, Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore will become part of Google Play.
Tons of deals aka "Plays"
At the Game Developers Conference last week, Google+ product manager Punit Soni brought up word of a unified gaming platform that would unite "Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native clients and Android games." He says it is expected to launch next year, but that's about all we know about it. Commence speculation!


Doing a great job, love the show, keep up the good work.

I have a Galaxy Nexus and love it. There are a few minor (to me) short falls with it but over all a good buy...........

However there is one thing that is bugging the heck out of me and I can't figure out for the life of me how to switch it off:

I have 2 gmail accounts associated with my phone in the gmail app.

I have another gmail account which I occasionally like to check up on while on the road but I don't want to associate with the gmail app.

To access the 3rd gamil account I use the gmail web page from the pre-installed ICS browser, but when I get to the web page a yellow pop up appears offering to log me into my phone account with out needing to type in my password.

This pop up, if nothing else is annoying even though it doesn't take over the rest of the screen and you don't need to manover past it to start logging into my other account.

Also I believe this to be a security risk of sorts - yes I know your already logged in on the gmail app but that's not the same as offering the login on the browser, it might only take a cleaver website designer to figure out a bit of java script to access this pop up and then their in!

Please tell me one of you knows how to switch this -"feature!"- off.



  • I can't find any options to disable this in the stock ICS browser.
  • Chrome DOES have the option to disable:
settings>Signed in to Chrome>Auto sign-in
  • No matter what, all anyone would have to do to get around this is go to that setting and reactivate it.



Seeing all the discussion over how new high end phones seem to be getting bigger and bigger, I thought i'd shed some more light on why.

The screen size is generally not a design goal as a result of consumer response, it is a symptom/side effect of other design issues. What I mean is that new high end SOC's (system on a chip) and tech like LTE are not only battery hogs, they take up more physical space. This means that more room is needed to fit everything in, and add in the need for bigger batteries and a desire for thin devices, the only solution is a larger footprint and thus: bigger screens.

So we should expect future devices that use current tech to get smaller, but the bleeding edge will remain oversized, for good or ill.

Faiz, Montreal


Reuters reported on some developers of Google Play apps who are being told by Google that it's Google Checkout or bust. Obviously Google would love for their ecosystem to be powered by their payment program, but why the sudden switcheroo? Well, Google contacted The Verge and clarified that nothing in the Terms of Service has changed at all and in fact, violations to their policy have resulted in apps being removed in the past as well. Google Wallet is the required in-app payment system with two exceptions: physical goods (like eBay purchases) and transferable digital goods like books.


The Ides of March are upon us and that can only mean one thing....allergies! No... I meant March Madness! I understand that not everyone shares my love for basketball, but hearing that Ron cut the chord and relies a lot on his GoogleTV, I wanted to know if I can justify purchasing a Sony BluRay player if it can play the NCAA March Madness website in addition to ESPN3 (yes, I have a valid provider - Comcast)? I'm hoping that the flash browser means that I can, but I am skeptical and my searching has not given me a straight answer. Also, how do you like the included remote? Or do you find the remote app better? Or should I wait for the next gen hardware?

Sorry for the bunch of questions and thanks in advance for the consideration!

Demetrius J Jacksonville (aka Boo-val), FL

Android Arena!


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