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All About Android
Episode 52

All About Android 52: Does Nexus On A Tablet Matter?



Linux kernal 3.3 is available and it's packing the long awaited merged code from Android. Linux users can soon expect to be able to boot into Android and run apps on the stock Linux kernal. That should appear in version 3.4.


I got a question for ya'. In your opinion, what are the best non cloud based music players?

My main player no longer functions (it kills the Bluetooth connection) and Google music acts crazy around wifi hot spots a haven't set up yet. I use my phone 80% of the times listening to music so this is a big issue for me.

As always love the show!!!

TechAce01 in the chat room.


(Video) Xperia sola with floating touch


I just installed the newest Humble Bundle pack for Android and I highly recommend it as they are all optimised for Tablets and are absolutely Fantastic. check it out at plus you also get the soundtracks, hurry only 14 days left.

love the show.

Marlon -"TheGuyFromTrinidad"



I watch you every week and as a result of your suggestions, I've upgraded from my original Droid to the Galaxy Nexus and have purchased the Transformer Prime.

So this is a two part question:

1. Is there an app that plays .mov or mp4 files?

2. Is there a way to view the brick wall, or did my donation go in vain?

Thanks -- love you guys,


Android Arena!


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