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All About Android
Episode 55

All About Android 55: The Anti-Platformist Manifesto



New data posted on Google's Android Developers site show that Ice Cream Sandwich now rests comfortably on 2.9% of all Android devices with Gingerbread growing to 63.7% (up front 54.9% in January). Honeycomb still beats ICS at 3.3%. And for those of you wondering where little old Cupcake stands, .3%. Let me level with you: If you still run Cupcake, just trust us. It's time. Yes, I'm talking to you.
The company has entered an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office for Youm

Interview - SwiftKey - Joe Braidwood, CMO

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  • Time for Word on the Street! Let's take a look at some rumors:
  • The Verge reported that Google's co-branded Asus tablet, is being pushed back to July from May in an effort to tweak the device and better hit the low price point of $149-199. Also murmurings that this could lead to a Jelly Bean launch.
  • Will We See an Amazon Smartphone This Year?
Word around Amazon's supply chain point to the possibility of multiple new versions of the Kindle Fire tablet as well as a smartphone by year's end. Varied screen sizes from 8-inch to something larger than the iPad are being thrown around (how's that for vague) and further, the phone is said to be "more sophisticated than many smartphones on the market.
Everyone is awaiting official word on the Samsung Galaxy S III, but until then the rumors rage on. AsieE says that carrier testing of the device is underway in Korea, and DDaily claims to have Samsungs first SAMOLED Plus display at 720p HD resolution with Pentile technology. That's at 316 points per inch.
And finally, LG might be looking to challenge the S III with the codename LG D1L expected to launch in May. It sports a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4, a 4.7-inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels, and LTE capability.


I used to download and listen to twit on the mediafly app. It's no longer available or working. Any suggestions for what to use? I am a truck driver and not on my laptop often. I prefer downloading not live.



  • podcast apps: stitcher, pocketcasts, doggcatcher


In case you haven't heard, A: Instagram launched on Android last week. B: Instagram for Android quickly asserted itself as "a good idea" when the app surpassed one million downloads in less than 24 hours. C: Many iOS users took to Twitter to express their disgust (by using words like EWWWW and pinching their noses) at the slums that are the Android community and it's newfound access to their hidden treasure. And the icing on the cake is definitely D: Today Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is buying Instagram for (Dr. Evil) ONE BILLION DOLLARS.
Facebook has vowed to keep Instagram a standalone app, but also integrate some of it's great ideas into the Facebook product.
Amazon reportedly testing a service allowing their tablets to make purchases within apps. Source: Maria Ly, the co-founder of a company participating in a pilot program hosted by Amazon

Notable App updates

The first travel company to integrate calendars on mobile and bring this layer of personalization to planning. Users can integrate Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal events and meetings into both mobile flight and hotel search results. Calendar appointments are seen in-line with flight results and on the map with hotel results. Any meetings that conflict with a flight are displayed on-screen and event locations are plotted on the map alongside hotels.

Android Arena!


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