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All About Android
Episode 57

All About Android 57: Hey Google. Drive. Call Me.



The technical level of this case makes it somewhat difficult to follow casually as it revolves around particular pieces of Oracle's Java code.
Is this a case of simply: Google should have licensed and they didn't so now they are being taken to court?
Could this be as simple as Google pays a licensing fee going forward?
  • Andy Rubin's testimony
  • A few Rubin emails that Oracle is presenting:
2005: "My proposal is that we take a license that specifically grants the right for us to Open Source our product. We'll pay Sun for the license and the TCK."
2007: "We are building a platform where the entire purpose is to let people differentiate on top of it." Oracle is highlighting this in their side of the case. This actually goes counter to the requirements of PhoneME (ie Java Mobile Edition, the platform Android is built upon).



I listen to the show weekly, and have ever since getting my first android device, the ASUS Transformer. I am quickly approaching the upgrade mark for my family's T-Mobile plan and was wondering if you know of any good devices on that network now, or in the next two months as I will most likely be upgrading when given the chance in June. To let you know some about me so you have an idea what phone I could be interested in, I am currently a 3rd year at Cal Poly studying Computer Engineering. My current phone is a Samsung Gravity T, and this, which hurts to say, is the most advanced phone I've owned up to this point. Its quite saddening to me that I could, if given the chance, write an operating system on par with android, but am still running a ""dumb"" phone. I only bring this message about since, although I'm sure this is not your intent, you three tend to stay towards the Sprint and Verizon side of devices. This I'm sure has a lot to deal with the fact that those networks are more mature than T-Mobile's. However, it would be great if I could have an awesome phone and still stay on my family's plan on T-Mobile. Thanks for any tips you guys have.


Love All about Android but dreading writing this email when I saw Episode 56 and Nicole Lee brought the Sony Smart Watch and everyone disliked it. I currently own the Sony Liveview Watch and before that Beta tested the Inpulse Smart Watch for Blackberry & Android.

What I don't think you guys understood about these devices is that they are meant as accessories not an independent device. At work and at school where looking at your phone constantly to reading a text message/email/phonecalls is not looked at nicely. So looking at your watch and determining if its important enough to take out ur phone to respond is a lifesaver! another place its helpful is at the Movie's so you don't blind people with your bright screen if ur waiting for an emergency call or text. I hope broadened your view on these watches a little bit. Android Lover for life,

Edgar Valles

  • Nicole's response: "Fair enough, but that seems to be a limited use case."


Thanks to Sciwizam for this!


Love the show I keep up to date with your episodes from the app Dogcatcher. I'm a v z w sales rep that is supporting the galaxy nexus which is unlocked and rooted. I also went out and got the Sony blu ray Google TV. I need to thank Ron for replying back to my tweet about the blue ray player.

The question is and I'm sure you've talked about it before I just can't remember. I'm looking for a app that notifies me my to do or tasks by location. Any help would be appreciated keep up the good work with the show.

Josh Anderson

  • I think Locale does this? -E
  • Yes, in combination with Astrid. -J
Locale with Astrid does this

Android Arena!


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