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All About Android
Episode 58

All About Android 58: You're Waving It Wrong

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I'm in the market for a tablet. I really like the feedback Eileen had for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch) as well as what I've heard about the new Asus Transformer Pad TF300. I love the portability of the Samsung since it's a bit smaller and I think it would be easy to use during my NYC subway commutes. I also love the idea of the Asus with the dock option to replace my netbook. Kind of like two devices in one for what I want to use it for. Though I worry that on the crowded subway it might seem kind of big. I see other people with iPads and other similar sized tablets all the time so obviously it doesn't stop people. Mostly looking to do email, web surfing, reading (news/magazine/books), games, and watch some videos.

One concern I have about the Asus is using the dock. With tablets that have docks, do all of the apps pretty much work in a horizontal mode? Is it ever an issue where you need to turn the tablet to do something or view something? It seems like most of the tasks I'm looking for would be covered (email/word processing, video, reading, etc...). The only one that might not would be a game that's best played vertically. But games chances are you wouldn't have it in the dock anyway, right?

Just curious of your feedback and thoughts. And I don't mind waiting a bit in case you think whatever Google might come out with could be worth the wait. What are the current rumors on timing for that? I've waited this long!

As always keep up the great work and love the show!

Holly in NYC



I've been with T-Mobile for almost 12 years now and my contract is up in December. I'm ready to upgrade (holding out for the Samsung Galaxy S III - Tmo has both predecessors, so I think it may be safe to assume they'll get it). My question is about buying the phone full price vs agreeing two another long two year contract.

I've been pretty happy with my T-Mobile service (even after losing my Sidekick's data back in that 'data loss debacle') and T-Mobile seems to be the only of the big 4 to have 5GB data and include mobile hotspot for $30/month. At this point in time I don't plan on switching carriers after my contract is up. In this situation, do you think it is reasonable to chain myself into another 2-year contract for the discounted upfront price or is it still a better bet to buy the SGSIII at full price to be contract free by the time December rolls around?



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