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All About Android
Episode 6

All About Android 6: Grab Bag Of Feedback



  • Erin from Oregon: Streaming video from desktop to phone?
  • Subsonic has some support for streaming video, don't know how well it handles it.
  • @grantgarris5n I tried VLC Stream and Convert which worked well enough, but a hassle to set up a VLC server that runs automatically
  • @schmidtDA says that Orb works well.
  • @rygavs If you have a mac try Plex. It works great and is constantly updated.
  • @mevirtually I use Allshare that came w/ my Samsung Captivate to get media from my Win7 PC or my Windows Home Server because they are all DLNA.


So I first want to say, love the show.

Second : what apps you first install on a new phone that you know you can not live with out? Paid or free or launchers.


Robert Shoesmith Twitter:@kdelinux

Hi All – Great show! I really like listening & watching.

I’m somewhat new to Android and have a tablet. Is there an easy way to change the folder icons on the home screen?

For example on my home screen I have a folder called “games”. But the game icon is a bland generic image of a folder and looks like all the other folders on my home screen which are the same except for the name.

I have an Elocity A7 running Android 2.2 w/ the Dexter mod from XDA developers. It does everything I need and for the price it’s a great deal. Just the icons (or lack of) really bother me!

Keep up the great show and I’ll be listening!

Barry S. Ramona, CA

As an iPhone owner I'm about to make the switch to a Motorola Atrix because while I love iOS, I'm ready to try something new. Thanks to your show I feel a lot more confidant about dipping my toes in Android's water, and with an iPad I'm not too concerned about losing those paid apps.

So thank you guys first for making Android seem a little easier. I'd consider myself a geek, but having only minutes at a time to play with my friend's Android cell phones wasn't enough to assure me that making the switch was the right idea. Your show's focus makes it much easier.

As an aside, here's a photo of Google's NFC signs that are starting to pop up in Vegas. Because I'm still on my iPhone and waiting for the previously mentioned Atrix to drop in price -- though it won't make a difference since it lacks NFC -- I though I'd at least send you an image of what to look for when going around town with a Nexus S.


Aziz from Las Vegas

I started listening to TWIG about a year ago and have since picked up several other TWIT shows and have become quite the Google fanboy. I am looking to upgrade my Nokia E71x to an Android when my AT&T contract is up for renewal next month. I would like to stay with AT&T and I also want to stop carrying around an iPod and just use my phone. Is there a phone or an attachment that would allow me to transmit the music on the phone through my car's radio? I've done some looking but haven't found much.

Eric from Atlanta

Love your android show. I have a aroids and have a couple of questions (yes, they are being sent from my iPod!).

The first: I thought when I activated the hotspur it would just work. It would for 10 mins then stall and when I tried to shut it down it would shut off my phone. I google this question and found if you changed channels in the advanced settings it would help. There are 15 channels! Is there somewhere to go to figure out what channel to use? I lucked out and the second channel worked but there must be some rhyme or reason to this.

The second question is: is there a movie watching app on android?


Lorri from NC

I recently contacted Gamelofts support department regarding re-installing Android games that I had purchased from their website on my new Android phone. They are refusing to allow me to re-install the games I had purchased from them despite me sending them copies of my paypal receipts for the purchases. Please help me warn other users of their policy. The letters are below:


George Heymann

Unfortunately, you can not get the games back on your new phone. According to Gameloft policy if you buy a game, you can re-download it to the same phone with the same phone number within 3 years of your purchase. If the phone model or number was changed by the customer's own initiative, Gameloft has the right to refuse re-sending the game.

You can not re-download or transfer games which you bought on your old phone (HTC My Touch 4G) to the new phone (LG G2X), because we produce each game-build for one particular phone to ensure the best quality and to prevent piracy. If you want to have games on your new phone, I'm afraid you will have to buy them again.

Sorry for the inconveniences. If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Nam Luu Hoang Customer Care Agent

I just purchased a new Android phone and want to use all the software I previously purchased on my new phone. Old Phone HTC My Touch 4G. New phone LG G2X. I was able to re-download the Gameloft titles that I purchased from the Android Market to my new phone but couldn't do so for the titles purchased directly from your website.

  • Software Titles purchased directly from your website:
  • The Oregon Trail HD
  • N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD
  • Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD
  • Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X HD
  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction™HD
  • UNO™ HD
  • Monopoly Classic"

So I'm really surprised you guys haven't talked about this yet while sharing the Xoom! But I and many others find it really unusable because there is no multi-user accounts (on any tablet yet.) There are many scenarios where you need multi-users for tablets. Sharing it with my family, it's a pain that if my wife wants to pick it up and check her accounts there is no easy way to do that and if I want a friend or colleague to borrow it for a day or week to try it out I would have to wipe it out because I have so many personal accounts on it. It's Linux at the bottom layer and you can have root access so why not be able to lock down my info! I want to share!

You can see lots more info here: I was just hoping you could push this issue and maybe the powers that be will make it a new much needed feature soon!


Eddy Louisville, KY

Greetings Android twits I have a show idea. On show number one the hostess talked about her new xoom is wi-fi only. I currently use PDANET on my droid phone to tether to my laptop, I’m wondering if it would be possible to tether the xoom to a android phone. I would also be interested in knowing if a wi-fi only device could be upgraded in the future to LTE. Also I would really like hearing more about rooting droid devices, advantages disadvantages.


Ernest A. Cogdell, III

Hey guys love the show, I just wanted to share something I just noticed with the Amazon app store. My wife & I share an and we both have android phones, when one of us downloads an app via amazon app store and the other checks the ""my apps"" area we both have access to each others downloads which means paying for an app only once for 2 phones. So the only way to honestly pay for both is by downloading from different sources. Dilemma or bonus? Thanks keep up the great work on your show.

Dave Adams

The ASUS Transformer 10.1"""" Honeycomb tablet is coming out this Tuesday (April 26th). Launch Date Link It's basically the same internal specs as the Motorola Xoom, but priced at $400 and has an IPS screen, same screen technology the Apple uses on their IPads. There's a $150 optional keyboard dock which also has a battery to extend battery life to 16hrs if the 10hr battery life of the tablet itself is not sufficient. I would like you guys to review/talk about this as I think this is a great price for Honeycomb tablet.

Here's an in depth review by Anandtech. ASUS Transformer Review



Thanks for the show. Quick question. I have seen various viewpoints about Task Killer apps being useless. Do you know if task killers are still useful for Android 2.2 and up?

Maybe something you could use on the show.


Stephen San Antonio, Texas

The tmobile sidekick 4g with android release 4/20/11. What are your thoughts on the new sidekick? Can you discuss on your next show?



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