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All About Android
Episode 62

All About Android 62: A Torrent Of Donuts


  • Jury: Google did not infringe Oracle patents with Android
    • The Google Oracle case continues, but Judge Alsup ruled that Google did not infringe on any of Oracle's patents in the case. Keep in mind that Matt Macari of The Verge told us on the show that the patent portion of this case was the weakest, so though this is a victory for Google, it's less important than the copyright portion. We can hopefully expect a ruling on the question of whether API's are copyrightable sometime next week.
if APIs are not copyrightable, Judge will rule on other two infringements at up to $150,000 per infringement
if APIs ARE copyrightable all three infringement counts get bundled in new trial (or appeal)
Finally, Judge Alsup dismissed the jury saying "This is the longest civil trial I've ever been in"
Jury previously found that Google infringed 9 lines of code
They also found Google infringed 37 Java APIs but could not agree on whether it was fair use or not
Judge Alsup ruled Google infringed with its use of 8 Java test files
IDC worldwide mobile phone tracker data: in Q1 2012, Android and iOS hold 82% of the smartphone market. Android’s AT 59%, iOS had 23%
Big losers since Q1 2011: Symbian dropped from 26% to 6.8%, BB OS from 13.6% to 6.4%
Linux fell below 3%, Windows (phone 7 and other) can't get to 3%
Samsung accounted for 81.6 percent of all Linux smartphones.
IDC: "Windows Mobile/Windows Phone has yet to make significant inroads in the worldwide smartphone market, but 2012 should be considered a ramp-up year for Nokia and Microsoft to boost volumes. Until Nokia speeds the cadence of its smartphone releases or more vendors launch their own Windows Phone-powered smartphones, IDC anticipates slow growth for the operating system." (AKA Nokia can't do it all)


I was wondering if you would feature this Kickstarter project as it looks interesting and I am all about supporting Android developers, its called Chameleon and I kicked over $10 to support it,,

I Love the show.

Marlon "theGuyFromTrinidad"


Amazon is taking pre-orders for the next big phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Yes, you too can order your own unlocked international version of the device for a paltry $800. That lands you a 16GB sim-free version of the phone that will not be compatible with LTE. As well, Verizon and Sprint are completely out. It can make calls on T-Mobile (that's all.) But you CAN use it on AT&T's HSPA+ network.
The benefits of being able to operate overseas means you can travel overseas with your smartphone — assuming a global roaming service is added prior to leaving the country. In addition, the four devices are 4G LTE capable, therefore they come with SIM cards built-in and the SIM cards are already unlocked. Verizon Wireless customers who own these phones can simply purchase a prepaid SIM card and pop it in while traveling as a second method.


Just thought you'd like to know that the s voice apk has been modified to always pass the S3 model info. Working fine right now.

Jeff Rash


Subscription billing has made its way to Google Play! Once developers build this functionality into their apps, expect to see an option in checkout for monthly subscriptions. This is perfect for apps that deal with content such as movies, TV shows, magazines, etc. Also for developers, an HTTP-based publisher API that allows your backend servers to validate and cancel subscriptions, as well as interoperability with web based subscriptions. Google (and by extensions the carriers) retain a 30% cut of the subscription cost.


I learned about one of my favorite photo-sharing apps, Lightbox, from you guys a few months ago. Now the big kid on the block has bought them out! Their whole team has been hired by Facebook, and they're closing up shop on June 15. They are (wisely) providing a download link for users on request.

Like other sad and disappointed Lightboxers, I downloaded my photos and then uploaded a new message to friends and followers with information on where they could find me. It turns out that there's a pretty big migration over to Streamzoo now, and I'm one of the migrants.

Streamzoo offers an interesting spin on a photo-sharing service. It's got the usual filters and sharing features, not to mention easy-to-follow hashtag feeds and simple user search. Yay! It was easy to find my fellow Lightbox transplants by searching their usernames and the #lightbox tag. But there's also badges, and a points/leaderboard system. And the website has all the functionality of the app -- a welcome change from Instagram.

Check it out!

Thanks for a great show (and best of luck to Eileen),


Android Arena!


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