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All About Android
Episode 63

All About Android 63: What is a Tablet Watch?!



I love listening to your show! I've had my HTC Evo 4G (my first Android phone) for about 6 months and I love it! The one exception to my love being that my phone's internal storage keeps filling up way too fast. I have a 32 gb memory card where I store my photos and music and as many applications as I can. However the vast majority of apps that I use regularly can not be moved to the SD card. I've deleted all of the phone storage only apps that I never use (besides the dreaded bloatware that can not be deleted) and moved all that I can to the SD, but my phone still is saying, about twice a week, that my storage is full. Then I am forced to uninstall updates and/or sacrifice another app I like if I want to continue to receive my emails on my phone. What else can I do? Please help!

Thanks! MJ'

  • Take a good look at what apps you *really* use. I found when I was new to Android, I loaded and kept EVERYTHING. Turns out I rarely used most of that. Force yourself to peel back. -JH


AT&T - (June 18th)
Verizon ("by" July 9th)
Sprint (Officially set for June 21st)
T-Mobile (Officially set for June 21st)
US Cellular (pre-orders begin June 12th)
  • Jessica Dolcourt:
The Exynos 4 quad-core processor is application only and doesn't bundle the LTE radios, requiring extra components that result in battery size/drain and physical design tradeoffs. The Snapdragon S4 fits all of that one one unit. Not to mention the performance benefits of double memory.


Computex: Asus Transformer AiO, an all-in-one desktop PC powered by an Intel Ivy Bridge processor that runs Windows 8 when docked. When removed from the base, it becomes an 18.4" tablet capable of booting into (dun dun DUHHHHH) Ice Cream Sandwich!
Get your Padfone, the phone that docks INTO a tablet, for a measly $859.50 in the US! It's an imported international version courtesy of Negri Electronics, and will likely be less expensive when it releases state-side. But early adopters can act now! Google Tablet Watch!
An ASUS representative, who wished to remain anonymous, told Android Authority during COMPUTEX that the Google tablet will come by the end of June.

Google TV

  • Toshiba Excite 13 preview
13.3" display at 1600x900, 2.2lbs, Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, full-size SD slot, HDMI, USB, ICS, WiFi only 32GB $650, 64GB $750
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I was just listening to your show Episode 62 and thought you needed to know that the voice recognition is mainly for us blue tooth users. If you have a headset, (I know you are dead set against) all you have to do is hit the button on your headset and state a command. I never have to touch the phone mounted on my dash (Love Velcro lol)

I know you all hate accessories but with an A2DP headset and the Sony watch, you don't need to pull out your phone almost ever. For uber geeks this is the best



"I think it was the success of the Kindle Fire and the Nook that tipped my hand," Arment told us (Engadget).
So, he entrusted the Instapaper name to developer Mobelux, which has previously built Tumblr for iPhone and Android, as well as Carousel, a handsome Instagram viewer for Mac.
Google Maps and Navigation is about to get even better. Offline maps is about to finally makes its appearance, allowing you to cache the maps for a particular location for use when you might not have data connectivity. You simply select the region to store, and the app will tell you how much space is needed for those files.
Rumors are bubbling that point to Sprint preparing to launch their own NFC offering called Touch sometime this Summer, pitting them against Google Wallet and Isis among others. Google Wallet launched last September and was first to market in the digital wallet space, but hasn't captured much momentum. Sprint is currently the only service offering support for Google Wallet, so this would be quite the hurdle.

Android Arena!


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