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All About Android
Episode 64

All About Android 64: Better Than No Show


HTC in contrast: down to 6.9 million shipments in Q1 2012 from 10.1 million in Q4 2011. Morgan says the big drop is "due to lack of demand for their LTE handsets compared to the iPhone and Samsung devices."


I am a big fan of the show and enjoy listening to it on my commute each week. I am writing to give you a PSA about battery life. I am running CM9 on my Samsung Galaxy S (yes, the original) and for the last few weeks have had a major issue with battery drainage that I hadn't had before. To investigate the issue I installed BetterBatteryStats ( ) which sowed me that I had an almost consistent wakelock running of type *suspend_backoff*. What I could find from Googling this is that this kind of wakelock is caused by multiple wakelocks running into one another and not letting the phone enter ""deep sleep"". I tried everything I could think of to no avail until I decided to disable Locale. I am sure you know of locale, it is similar to tasker in that it lets you set up different profiles based on time or location or other environmental settings. It turns out that locale, which I had installed to help me manage my battery life, was in fact the cause of this major drainage. Since I disabled it I have seen my phone enter deep sleep much more often and for longer periods and the drain on my battery reduced to something where I can actually get through the day without having plugged in every second.

I would be very happy if you passed on these 2 tidbits to your audience as they will help people get a better overall experience from their phones once they figure out what settings and apps are causing battery drain while the phone is just sitting in their pocket doing nothing.

Yours truly,

Dan Shernicoff



"Was listening to show 63. I have the same issue as the caller with the HTC EVO 4G.

I have done everything you recommended. One thing I did notice, the mail app shows it is using 13 mb of data. I already deleted the sent, trash, drafts, out, folders. There is only 8 messages in my inbox (none have attachments). I do I clear the for the mail app (can not do from manage applications like other apps)

Love the show, keep up the good work.

P.s. Ron, thanks for declining to play draw something with me..




I'm presently watching All About Android. I keep hearing Thump Thump. I am wearing headphones, and it is a little annoying. I love the show, but is there a way to suppress the banging? Keep up the good work.


Android Arena!


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