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All About Android
Episode 65

All About Android 65: Google I/O Preview Extravaganza



  • Google I/O: Info and Rumors
  • Getting the most from Google I/O: Wed June 27-Fri 29
  • List of sessions
Circle all of the speakers on Google+ at +Android Developers.
Google I/O Streaming live keynotes Wednesday June 27 at 9:30 Am and Thursday June 28 at 10 AM
Can't attend? Watch all sessions from the comfort of the Internet
I/O Extended - viewing parties of Google I/O worldwide
Michael's session Fri 1:15-3:30: Playing with Patterns
Google I/O App Updated With 2012 Sessions
List of Android Sandbox attendees for Google I/O 2012
  • Google I/O: Tablet Rumors


Supposed renders of the Asus Nexus 7 tablet, appeared at Gizomodo
7" tablet
1.3Ghz quad-core Tegra 3
GeForce q2-core GPY
1GB Ram
8GB ($199)
16GB ($249)
NFC with Google Wallet and Android Beam
IPS display at 1280x800 resolution (Kindle Fire: 1024x600)
1.2MP FFC, no rear facing camera
9 hrs of supposed battery life
First device to run Jelly Bean though the leaked doc doesn't give version number
  • Google I/O: Jelly Bean


  • Leaked Nexus 7 document also spilled the following beans about Jelly Bean:
"Google will handle operating system updates from now on"
BIG question: Is this a feature of ALL future Jelly Bean devices, or just for THIS and other Nexus devices?

Other News


That Apple/Motorola patent case that, a few weeks back, seemed to be on the ropes with presiding judge Richard Posner stating a "dysfunctional patent system" as cause for dismissing the case, actually ended up going forward in court. Judge Posner, if you recall, had doubts that it would but ultimately decided otherwise and the case was seen.
Skip forward to last Friday when, after having heard both sides of the case, Judge Posner issued his final decision: Both parties' cases where dismissed WITH PREJUDICE, meaning neither side can refile on these issues. Posner used the opportunity to reiterate that "patents in the field of information technology often have little if any value except defensively" and pointed out that injunction against Motorola would have likely resulted in costs that far outweighed any potential loss or gain to either party.
This along with other cases including Oracles loss to Google regarding Java code in Android makes things feel, if ever so slightly, that maybe there is a changing tide in the world of software patents as they relate to Android.



Hello, I was trying set up Skype on my Asus TF101, apparently it won’t work on that tablet.

Can you recommend another video chat or talk program that will work on eee pad ? I would like to hook up by video and talk to my daughter in Orlando, I am a couple hundred miles away in north Florida.

Thanks Much,

Ivey Harris

Some forums say that Skype should work with your tablet for video (enable video calls in settings, set to High Quality, then after the call connects tap the screen and tap the video camera with a slash through it, then select the Front camera.) But some also say that video quality is really poor.

Gtalk can do video.

ooVoo is supposedly a good alternative.

Google Hangouts



It took two years, but Google TV is finally stretching outside of US borders! Sony today announced the NSZ-GS7 Internet Player, a Google TV set top box shipping next month to the UK for $199. Also, a $299 Blu-Ray player with integrated Google TV called the NSZ-GP9 will launch this holiday season with availability in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Hi-res 10.1-inch Super IPS+ display, 1900 x 1200 resolution, 224ppi.
NVIDIA quad-core 1.6GHzTegra 3 chipset,
1GB of RAM.
WiFi versions launch July 16 in US,
$499 32GB, $599 64GB.
LTE version in the works and will have Qualcomm dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset.

Android in the Wild



  • Galaxy Notes
  • Sony Watch




Really enjoying your show all the way from sweden!

Just wanted to give you a tip about a webpage that really helps to explore the beauty of Android. It's called Color Screen People put their homescreens their and you can really see the variety and the adjustability that comes with android.


Android Arena!



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