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All About Android
Episode 67

All About Android (67): (More Nexus Than Nexus)



A lot has happened this week to our good friend, the Galaxy Nexus. First, as we mentioned on our last episode, Apple won an injunction against Samsung over patent infringement banning the sale of the device. Google then removed it from the Play Store. Then, Samsung won an appeal so Google put it back up for sale until Apple responds. The court must decide whether to allow Google to sell the device during the patent trial.
Have no fear! Google is also working with Samsung to release an OTA update that would potentially right the wrong and allow the phone to be sold without interruption.
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean begins rolling out to the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus
Get ready for the ROMs. Yesterday, and ahead of schedule, the source code for Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean was released to the Android Open Source Project. This means that you root and ROMers out there can expect some delicious Jelly Bean action to hit your devices in a matter of… well who are we kidding, some of them are probably out there already! Jerry Hildenbrand of Android Central has spent some time quality time with the .1 update and as of now, sees no changes to the way Android searches items locally (remember that Galaxy Nexus case?) He posits that Google's changes might alter the apps themselves and not necessarily the underlying OS.
In related news, Google has re-introduced the Verizon Galaxy Nexus into the AOSP fold, as well as the Nexus S 4G, while keeping Sprint's LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus shunned from the list.
Where to begin. Microsoft engineer Terry Zink discovers what he believed to be a botnet on Android devices from SPAM messages with a signature that read "Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android." Sophos guessed that the botnet spread could be attributed to trojanized pirated APK files. But sig files are easy to spoof, and Google made a statement that they believed evidence supported infected COMPUTERS with fake mobile signatures to be the cause. Lookout concurred that Android didn't appear to be the actual cause. In fact, Lookout blames the Yahoo! Mail Android app! Unsurprisingly, Yahoo insists the problem is not theirs to hold.
Net sum of all of this: Nobody knows nothing.



Ron answers a viewers email with a video



The Kickstarter began this morning. As of 2pm PT, surpassed goal of being funded.

Quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage, standrad wireless controller with a 2-3inch touchpad
Hackable. You can open the case with a screwdriver. Documented test points for soldering. OS is rootable.
All games go through Ouya store (30% take) and must have a free-to-play option. Minecraft and on board.

Outside of the US? Don't expect full access to the Play Store features you saw at I/O. The UK will retain access to apps, movie rentals, e-books and devices. Movie purchases, TV shows and magazines, on the other hand: No go. That content is also missing from Canada and Australian pages. Google is mum about when to expect those features, but we expect a good amount of international licensing is expected before that happens.



Video question about Bluetooth



GitHub Releases Awesome App For Android, Lets You Keep Up With Your Projects On The Go



I figured out something that I thought I'd mention it in case you want to pass it on.

I figured out how to get Leo's TWiT calendar of scheduled shows into my Android calendar. I took the following string:


out of the shared URL for his calendar and used it in the options buried deep in Google Calendar online (Settings>Calendar Settings>Browse Interesting Calendars>Add a Friend's Calendar) to add it as a friend's email address. Now I can view it along with my own calendars in read-only format and can stay up to date with any future changes to when you guys visit me via Roku. :)


Android Arena



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