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All About Android
Episode 68

All About Android (68): (The Promised Land)


Smartphones make up 54.9% of the US market as of June
Android w/ 51.8% and Apple iOS w/ 34.3% still growing.
BB 8.1%
MS combined WM and WP dropped from 5.8% to 4.3%
Baird Equity Research survey says that developers are still more positive on the long term outlook for iOS over Android.
On a scale of 1-10, Android 8.7, iOS 9.3
Security researcher Jon Oberheide published analysis of Jelly Bean's security profile and says that Android 4.1 is going to be "pretty difficult to write exploits for." Specifically, Jelly Bean perfected its implementation of ASLR (address space layout randomization) first rolled out on ICS. According to Ars Technica, when this is done properly, it randomizes memory locations for the library, heap, stack and other OS data structures, thereby making it much more difficult for would-be hackers to know where their payloads will be loaded.
Amazon beat Google to the gaming, by launching *GameCircle for Kindle Fire to developers. It's a set of services including achievements, leaderboards and sync APIs, that developers can integrate into their games to encourage greater interactivity and engagement. Google was reportedly working on this kind of system as we discussed on the show back in May, but Amazon made it there first. Is this a worthy differentiator for Amazon?



I just wanted to let you guys know about something that I found. When my wife first went from her BlackBerry phone to a Galaxy S, she would receive push notifications from the Facebook for Android app, but then it stopped. It stopped because I went through her Facebook and deleted permissions that I thought were unnecessary, one of which was the BlackBerry Smartphones App, but as it turns out, this permission was why she received push notifications on her Android phone. Strange, but true... So I finally got around to finding out why when I found this article: The only problem is the article hasn't been updated for the new Facebook app/notifications system, so I have changed and added to these instructions.

These are the steps necessary to get this working:

1. On your Android device, go to Settings>>Applications>>Facebook and clear your cache and data. If you don't have the Facebook app, go to the Play Store and install the Facebook for Android app. Now set your Android device aside.

2. Next, if you have or know someone who has a BlackBerry, you can skip to step 3. If you don't have access to a BlackBerry, then continue to Step 2a.

2a. First up, you’ll have to head to the Blackberry developers’site. You’ll need to download two packages: - Blackberry Device Simulator 7.0 (177MB) - Blackberry Email and MDS Services Simulator Package (44.2MB) The former contains the device emulator which includes the Facebook app, and the latter allows the emulator to connect to the internet. As a testament to how archaic parts of Research In Motion's site are, you’ll have to download an ‘Akamai NetSession Inferface Console’ plugin to get a hold of the Email and MDS package, but that can be readily uninstalled when you’re done with it. For your convenience, the files have been mirrored on Mediafire here and here, respectively, but these may not be available for especially long, nor download especially fast.

2b. After you’ve installed the two packages, navigate to: (x86) C:/Program Files/Research In Motion/BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 7.0.0/ (9350)/fledge.exe or (x64) C:/Program Files (x86)/Research In Motion/BlackBerry Smartphone Simulators 7.0.0/ (9350)/fledge.exe Launching this brings up the emulator, which may need scaling depending on your PC’s screen size. It’ll take a wee while to load up, then boot you into the standard non-touchscreen Blackberry interface. You can navigate the simulator with your keyboard by using the arrow keys and the enter key or you can use the on-screen BlackBerry interface.

3. Now, login to the Facebook app on the BlackBerry/BlackBerry Simulator, wait for the news feed to load and then you can log out or just close the simulator.

4. Open the desktop version of Facebook on a PC/Laptop and go to Account Settings>>Notifications and uncheck the box next to 'Email Frequency' or else this will not work.

5. Click 'Edit' on the 'Other Applications' tab and check the box next to 'BlackBerry Smartphones App'

6. Click 'Save Changes'

7. Now, pick up your Android device, login to the Facebook app and it's done! You will now receive push notifications from Facebook on your Android device.

Optional: In Facebook for Android, go to Account>>App Settings and change the Refresh interval to never, because you will now receive pushed notifications. Also, if you want a notification sound, you need to select Notification Ringtone and change it to the sound you want, because the default is silent.







In case nobody else has sent you this yet, this app lets you choose the default voice search to use for Bluetooth. I used it to set Google Voice Search as the default over S-Voice. Works like a charm. Love the Show. ~Donny



XBMC (Xbox Media Center) is being ported to Android and already, crafty folks have taken the APK for the unfinished port and have it running on the Nexus Q among other devices. XBMC is a TV-centric open-source media player front-end that began life on the Xbox (obviously), but fans of the interface have welcomed this port with open arms. XBMC announced a version of XBMC for Android that would have the same functions as the desktop version.Currently due to a lack of universal hardware decoding, video playback relies on software acceleration source code is out right now, beta expected in a few weeks, no release date official. XBMC working on a Pivos XIOS DS Set top box (an Android powered STB).Pivos is an official sponsor and it is capable of hardware-accelerated playback.

XBMC expects new skins for smaller devices

More than 100 of the best Android smartphone games, and more than 50 tablet games... monthly fee of $5.99 per device



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