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All About Android
Episode 69

All About Android (69): (Apps Are People Too)




Interview with Allen Tsai






Hello AAA Crew, I've been listening since the first podcast and love your show and its evolution. I have been an iOS user since day one iPhone and have loved everything about it. I wouldn't call myself an Apple fanboy though, more of a gadget fanboy. As time has moved on and other devices have come out I've given almost all of them a whirl. Since I am a graphic designer, now focusing almost exclusively on mobile UI, I make sure to keep myself engrossed in all types of UI. It wasn't until ICS's release that I actually started to feel Android had "made it". The release made me keep my Nexus S on hand quite frequently, even though it had no SIM in it. With the release of Jelly Bean the thing that annoyed me most about Android has finally been resolved, the graphical stuttering. I had such great excitement about this release that I put a JB ROM onto my Nexus S even before the OTA hit. I love it. My iPhone SIM is sitting comfortably inside my Nexus S right now. I find that there isn't much I can't do on the Nexus that I can't do on my iPhone, in fact there are some things that I can do on the Nexus that the iPhone can't do at all, and that's pretty exciting. So after that long babbling introduction, I wanted to know your thoughts on buying a Galaxy Nexus now. I prefer stock Android, mostly for design purposes, and want to stay with the Nexus brand. Should I invest in a Galaxy Nexus now or will there be a new Nexus phone end of year? I would be buying an unlocked phone either way. Price is not an issue. Thanks and keep up the show! -David



Superpower your Nexus 7

Android Arena!




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