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All About Android
Episode 70

All About Android (70): (Is That a Pico in Your Pocket?)


  • Michael Ludden Technical Marketing Manager for Samsung Developers


Apple's claim:

Samsung deliberately copied Apple's iPhone and iPad designs, something they've worked on far longer than Samsung's development of their own devices. Also, some functionality was stolen: Rubberbanding scrollback, zoom versus scroll using 1 vs 2 fingers, and tapping to zoom)

Apple's claims affect around 25 of Samsungs products. With only 25 hours of scheduled arguments, Apple wants to divy this up into representative groups so they don't get bogged down in minutia.

At stake: Apple wants $2.525 billion, though if Samsung is found to have willfully infringed, could be TRIPLED by the judge.

Samsung's claim:

Apple is a new player in the market versus Samsung's decades of research experience. Apple's claims are too broad. Apple wasn't inventing anything from scratch (either). Patents Samsung is asserting are related to 3GPP standards, emailing photos from a camera phone, switching between live camera shot and gallery, and playing MP3 in background while multitasking.

Samsung's claims affect two devices only: iPhone and iPad.

At stake: Samsung supposedly proposes a shallow $28,452 though not confirmed officially.

Yesterday: Jury selection predominantly Today: Opening arguments with….

Apple presented a timeline of devices before and after the iPhone attempting to show that the design change is more than coincidental. Also, that comparisons of Apple's four three utility patents against the Samsung counterparts which the Verge claimed to be extreme similarities. And finally claims that Samsung's charges are reactionary to Apple's claims.

Samsung presented its point that its design direction was well in place before the iPhone came to market, as well as pointing out questions of validity in Apple/s utility patent claims. Samsung showed older devices prominently, showing that other companies had invented the tech described in each of Apple's utility patents.

Overall, sounds like Samsung is taking the approach of "We are all inspired by each other." and Apple of course says "That's not inspiration. That's all out copying."

You may have heard plenty of "sky is falling" news from Black Hat hacker conference in Vegas last week. One thing we can try to do is bring you down to earth a little. One that got some wide coverage was an NFC vulnerability that could enable a bad NFC tag to beam malware to your Android phone. Here's what this hack requires in order to do such a thing: Gingerbread. With NFC. That's enabled. And super close proximity. And an undetected device vibration once the beam happens.This is fixed in ICS and up. Number of devices with GB and NFC that HAVEN'T been upgraded to ICS is very small. Don't worry.

Interview Michael Ludden






Hey guys new listener and love the show. A couple of quick notes.

You can also run flash on the nexus 7 by downloading the apk for an older version of dolphin browser and just not updating it.

There are some awesome apps that I have found to use with the nexus 7 that I think need to get out there. I'll list them below with links.

1. Battery Widget - free app that creates a battery widget that you can customize but best feature is that it puts the life of the battery in the status bar (yes I know android does this standard) with a percentage so you always know how much charge you have. Also ou can customize the status bar icon for colors for standard, charging, and critical. Complete fee.

2. Ultimate Rotation Control - Must have app if you own a nexus 7. Allows you to rotate the screen without root. Works on homescreen and in all apps, but what makes this app really special is that an icon sits in the notification bar with 3 settings that you can choose to switch to at anytime. I find that the nexus 7 recognizes rotation very slowly so being able to have buttons to choose to rotate to from portant to landscape with a single button press is awesome. Plus you get the full app completely free for 7 days to try out then its 1.99 to buy the licence.

3. Tablet Talk - Syncs with your phone and allows you to send and receive texts to your nexus 7 as well as caller ID that you can choose to ignore calls from the nexus 7 if you wish. Sync can happen via bluetooth or wifi.

4. Foxfi - Not a nexus 7 app per-say but since the nexus 7 is a wifi only device i find its a must have. Allows for creation of a wireless hotspot/wifi tether without rooting your phone. Awesome app for those who still have unlimited data plans and is complete free.

Richard Sylvester





Last week AAA talked about people needed more storage and all though that may be true, I think the 8GB model is still a better value.


I love your show. Keep it going!

Johnny Phug

Android Arena!


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