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All About Android
Episode 71

All About Android (71): (Commuting to the Living Room)



Samsung Apple case

Code has been discovered in Jelly Bean that hints strongly at a future version of the OS introducing Profile switching capabilities. This would enable a device to carry different settings, apps, and customizations for different users, similar to modern OS's like OS X and Windows. An XDA post by zanderman112 details how this can be done, even in its current unfinished code state.



Eileen asks, How do you make a calendar event in Google Now?

A: Cory Teague said on G+...

"Unfortunately you can't. But you can text a calendar appointment to your calendar. Add the google calendar text number to contacts then use google now say text calendar and you are set."

From Google Calendar help: "Send a text message containing your event's details to the shortcode "GVENT (48368)."

Patrick Boake also points out: Among other restrictions, SMS to G-Cal only works in the US.





Hello Android fans!

Did you see the Raspberry Pi people are putting the last touches to an Android port. Yep, (Ice Cream Sandwich on the Raspberry Pi. With Plex already out for the Android, and XBMC being developed - could this be the cheapest media steamer ever? :)




Google sent out an email to developers detailing a number of changes to the policies around Google Play. Some notable changes affect spam and ads, as well as payments:

" ⁃ We’ve added clearer details to the payment policy, and guidelines on how we will handle cancellations in our new subscription billing feature ⁃ We are restricting the use of names or icons confusingly similar to existing system apps in order to reduce user confusion ⁃ We are providing more detail on the kinds of dangerous products that are not allowed on Google Play. For example, apps that disclose personal information without authorization are not allowed. ⁃ We are giving more examples of practices that violate the spam policy." Also, any apps distributed via Play MUST use Google's payment system, including for in-app purchases



Hey AAA crew,Just got an Sprint Galaxy S3 and I notice when I use the Google Music app, somehow it is seeing the podcast I have downloaded using pocket casts. How can I make it stop! When I am listening to my music on shuffle, all of a sudden a podcast will play. I love pocket casts for my pod-casts, but when i want music, i only want music. Do you know of a way to stop Google music from searching my phone for MP3 files? BTW this never happened with my 2.3 HTC EVO Thanks!

Andrew Haines

nomedia is the answer to your prayers

Android Arena!



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