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All About Android
Episode 72

All About Android (72): (A Dangerous Cookie)



Let's check in on the patent case of the (yawn) century! Samsung vs Apple. I'll admit, I'm exhausted trying to follow what's worth discussing and what's just a part of a trial that is FULL of minutia. So here's just a few bits:
Judge Lucy Koh ruled that the International Galaxy S Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Ace were no longer part of the trial. And later, Samsung tried to get the case tossed claiming that Apple wasn't doing a good job presenting their case. Not surprisingly, Judge Lucy Koh denied that request. Oh and if you are keeping score, that leaves 17 Samsung devices still involved in the case.
Now, Apple has wrapped up the defense of their claims, and starting today, Samsung begins their own lengthy presentation of their counterclaims. They've tried to call Apple's patents into doubt by showcasing what they believe to be prior art in Pocket PC's LaunchTile and DiamondTuch, a multitouch "tablecloth" (but not really) that exhibited bounceback images back in 2003.
The trial is set to conclude with the closing arguments scheduled for next Tuesday.
Gartner released its report on mobile sales in Q2 2012 and its looking pretty good for Android with 64% of the market, followed by iOS with a distant 18% market share. Samsung is a big reason for this, as the company led the Vendor list with almost 27% market share thanks in no small part to its successful Galaxy S III launch, and surpassing Nokia with 20% and iOS with 7%. Total Q2 market 99 million.
Motorola appeared on the Gartner study with around 2.2% market share compared to other vendors. And Motorola now has a plan to focus their efforts, as they announced yesterday, under the thumb of Google, that they will cut 4000 jobs and turn their focus away from producing feature phones, and more towards producing a few key "hero" smartphones. 30% of the 4k jobs lost are in US. company will consolidate or close in "unprofitable markets"



Nook Color: $150, 8GB Nook Tablet $180, 16GB Nook Tablet $200

Sony announced their plans for Playstation Mobile at the Gamescom conference this week. First announced at E3 2012, its an initiative that they say will bring bite-sized games for "Playstation Certified Android devices". Those game purchases through their store are then tied to your PS Network ID for cross-device gaming. They also announced ASUS and Wikipad as Playstation Certified vendors.



Hi AAA crew,

I've only just caught up watching episode 71 tonight, a week behind, so this may be a little late but hopefully still of interest for you Jason. In the Arena in episode 71 you reviewed the six axis controller app. I too have my six axis controller hooked up to my Samsung Galaxy SII. I use it to play all sorts of games including Real Football 2012, AirAttack HD, Reckless Racing, Pew Pew even Temple Run. The touch emulation mode is very powerful.

Although this app works perfectly I find it difficult to play using the controller since holding the controller leaves no free hands to hold the phone so I'm always balancing it in my lap. Obviously this is a common problem since I have come across this accessory.


I hope you find this helpful.

Cheers and Kia Ora from New Zealand.

Stuart Whitfield [1]



Jelly Bean introduces App Encryption to protect paid apps and developers from getting ripped off by piracy. Cue the Sad Trombone as said DRM makes many developer's apps unusable with cacti information critical to their apps disappear form the device once its rebooted. Essentially, paid apps were being installed into an encrypted folder that is wiped with a reboot. You know, to protect the apps.
Google has since disabled the security feature. Yet another case of DRM wreaking havoc on those that abide by the rules.



Greetings AAA Team,

I am a listener of you show since episode one, and I love it.

I am an Android user since about 1.5 years now, and I love my Android experience. But there was always a missing feature that I wanted: get notifications when some applications gets updated, for these reasons:

There is an app that I want to purchase, but the price is a bit high, I want to wait till the app is on sale (for many reasons, it happens quite frequently on Android Apps) then buy it.
I liked a game, but I finished all the levels, and the developer promised to add some extra levels. I want to free up some space on my device till the game gets update, then download it when new levels are released.
With Google Play Auto-update feature enabled, I miss most app updates, the Play Market will update them silently and I discover it was updated days later.

I looked around but found no app/service that can send me notification when an app gets updated, so, being a software developer, I developed this service, and provided it to everybody on the web, and I called it: AppFeed

The website is:

Thanks in advance, hope that you like my work, and that you mention it on your show.

Rami Kattan

Android Arena!


Interesting Analysis of InstaWifi launch, what works, what doesn't



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