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All About Android
Episode 73

All About Android (73): (Money on the Table)


After one week of Samsun's turn to prove their side of the case to Judge Lucy Koh, we have a few interesting nuggets to walk away with:

There was the time Judge Koh asked Apple's attorney's if they were smoking crack when presented with a 75-page briefing detailing 22 potential rebuttal witnesses! Oh, remember the times.

Oh, and the time Judge Koh stated fears that the jury might be confused in coming to an informed verdict in the case.

There was Samsung resting its case and seeking $421.8 million from Apple, compared to Apple's $2.88 billion.

Oh, and that one time…at Band Camp… when Samsung and Apple, after this ENTIRE case, entered into last minute talks to see if they could reach a settlement before it goes to a jury… only to fail in that attempt.

Now, closing arguments were today. From what I've read, Apple, took the wide-angle approach, using slides with pictures to illustrate its stance and not getting too deep in the muckedy muck to finalize its side. Samsung, on the other hand, has had a relatively text-happy slide approach, and possibly some time management issues as well, resulting in skipped slides and brief claims where more insight could be valuable.

Nilay Patel from the Verge put it best on Twitter: "Apple's closing arguments were very easy to illustrate with exhibit slides, but Samsung's are much harder. Almost the story of the case." "Apple stayed way up high at "just look at these" while Samsung is trying to pull things way down into specific differences."

After numerous leaks, pictures and rumors over the past week, Google made it official. Google Play gift cards are here (in the US) and can soon be found at Target, Radio Shack and GameStop for starters. coming soon as well. Keep in mind that they can not be redeemed for Android app subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or hardware and accessory purchases.




You guys have the Nexus right? Have you noticed ghosting on your devices? I noticed it on my device the other day when I had brightness cranked up from being out in the sun. I was in Owner Info and minimized the keyboard(SwiftKey 3 with Cobalt theme) and I got ghosting from the keyboard. If you have used som light apps it shows if you bring up the app switcher menu too...

Do I have a bad screen or can you see it too? Warning! Can't be unseen... :(

And I just want to say that I love the show.

Ted from Sweden.

Eileen hasn't noticed this but, Jason has.



Back in May, reports began to emerge hinting at changes in Google's Nexus strategy that would ultimately mean multiple Nexus devices hitting the market by year's end. We very well could be seeing the beginning of that plan. Google's Jean-Baptiste Queru launched an "experiment" that involves community support of the Sony Xperia S within the Android Open Source Project, much like is done for all official Nexus devices. Queru says the Xperia S is a prime candidate for this treatment because "it's a powerful current GSM device, with an unlockable bootloader, from a manufacturer that has always been very friendly to AOSP." Pretty cool stuff.

Does the "multiple Nexus devices by year's end" actually refer to: Nexus 7, Nexus Q (that has thus far failed but by that time hadn't been named), and the next official Nexus phone?

Rumors Rumors Rumors




Dear AAA Crew,

The preseason has begun for the NFL. I have searched for my favorite team on desktop chrome, chrome on my phone, using Google Now's voice search and everything I can think of. It shows my favorite baseball team just fine, but not my favorite football team. How do I add it to the cards? Thank you for your help. - Neal



Updated Google Maps for Android bringing a number of upgrades to its Transit information, including more modes of transportation on a map while hiding others, as well as more than one million transit stops worldwide.



Hey guys! It seems the Humble Bundle folks are at it again with a new bundle for Android (and cross platform of course). I've participated in the first 2 Android ones and have spent hours playing games such as Canabalt, Osmos, Swords & Soldiers, etc. There are a couple of brand new to Android games (BIT.TRIP BEAT and bonus game for paying more than the average, Spirits) debuting in this bundle as well as the good ol' tower defense iOS convert Fieldrunners. I know you guys know about the HBs already, but I like to share with as many people as possible. It's a win-win... I get sweet games at an excellent price and help out devs, charity, and the EFF all at once.

Thanks for everything in the show. Keep up the great work! Jake - Cedar Rapids, IA

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