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All About Android
Episode 85

All About Android (85): (Slow Clap for Eileen)

Eileen Rivera's last time on AAA as a co-host.


10 year patent cross-licensing deal with Apple that is said to cost HTC around $6-$8 per unit. For that amount, all current and future patents from both companies are clear, according to the statement issued Saturday. Keep in mind that HTC also pays Microsoft $5 for every unit based on a previous patent agreement.



What Android tablet should I buy for Christmas?

I'm think of Nexus 10 or the asus transformer infinity I'm looking to play games on it and watch movie and the best android software up to date.

John Chandler



Verizon and HTC unveiled the new Droid DNA, and early reports are very positive. 5" screen, 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, Super LCD 3 display at 440 ppi (versus the iPhone 5's 440 ppi), quad-core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon, 8MP rear, 2.1MP front. Oh and, Beats. $199.99 on 2-year contract, on sale Nov 21.

How do you feel about the idea of your Android device BEING your next game console? Charles Huang, co-creator of Guitar Hero, has plans on doing just that. Green Throttle Games has plans to create a virtual game console for the TV that operates off of your device. They also created a controller that connects wirelessly via bluetooth to your smartphone. Then your device is plugged into the TV via HDMI to act as the virtual game console.



Hello, my name is Alex and I'm from Norway, I'm a regular listener of the show and have a Galaxy Nexus, which I take to class every day. Now I'ts getting very tiresome to have to put it in and out of silent mode all the time and I wanted to know if you had any suggestions on how I may automate this, I've tried Locale but it's range is too broad and I end up having my phone still on silent mode over a kilometer away from school, which is not really practical. I've also considered somehow utilizing an NFC sticker on my school desk, thoughts?

Thanks in advance, love your show.

Alex S



Microsoft Office for Android is being confirmed by numerous sources close to MS plans and should hit sometime in early 2013. It should debut as a free app, allowing users to view docs, with edit capability enabled for those with a Office 365 subscription. A company spokesperson went on the record with the Verge to say that Office would work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android."



Great show, been a listener in the north of England since episode 16 or so. Just thought I'd put Ron right with his spelling. Fancy thinking that the English are spelling an "English" word wrong. Hope you analyse this and put into storage. I could go on about your pronunciation of English words but won't. :-p

Seriously, it is a pleasant change to watch a show where everyone's nice to each other and not angry all the time, as the trend seems to be.

Thanks for making a grumpy old git happy for 90 minutes or there about per week. Hope there are plenty more shows to come.


Android Arena!



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