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All About Android
Episode 86

All About Android (86): (Don't Be a Cheap Steak)



Google updated their SDK license with the following stipulation: "3.4 You agree that you will not take any actions that may cause or result in the fragmentation of Android, including but not limited to distributing, participating in the creation of, or promoting in any way a software development kit derived from the SDK." Everyone flips out thinking maybe Google is trying to fend off things like Amazon's Android experience, and parsing what Google means when it says fragmentation.

This is likely targeted at situations like the Aliyun/Acer incident a few months back where Aliyun created a platform integrating the some of the framework of Android but ultimately creating something that is incompatible with Android as a whole. This included a proprietary app store filled with Pirated apps including some of Google's.

Peter Chou, chief executive of HTC said they are happy with the settlement struck with Apple last week, but calls the reports about the $6-8 per device amounts as outrageous. He made no comment to correct those figures.

In the aftermath of the patent settlement, we have Samsung's mobile chief JK Shin saying that their plans haven't changed as they continue to peruse a legal resolution instead of following in HTC's settlement footsteps.



Hi AAA Crew-

I have a question about the economics of ad-supported apps vs. paid. How long would I have to use an ad-supported app before the dev made MORE money than if I had just bought the paid version?

I have a great guitar tuner app called GStrings that I got on my first Android phone about three years ago. I've been happily using it, ad-supported, all this time. The dev is getting ad impressions every time I use it as opposed to getting a one-time payment of $2.51. Is there any point at which the ad revenues I generate by using the free app will actually make more money for the dev?

I guess I'm just hoping there's a way to do right by being a cheapskate. ;)Keep up the great work-




Droid Razr HD for $199.99 1.5GHz Dual-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, 16GB internal, 2500mAh, 8MP RFC, 1.3MP RFC Full review on Youtube

LG Spectrum 2 (Optimus LTE II) for $100 4.7" True HD IPS 720p display, dual core 15GHz Snapdragon S4, 8MP RFC, 16GB internal storage, wireless charging, NFC, ICS - Higher end at midrange price.



Hey guys, minus Eileen :(. I was wondering if you guys could come up with a good android alternative to Apple's AirPlay. Our family is currently firmly in the Apple camp but we are looking at buying the kids a 7" android tablet because the iPad mini is still too expensive. I also would love to have a Galaxy Note II to replace my iPhone 4S. I really do love Airplay functionality with my Apple TV and I fear that just using Bluetooth will not function as well. I currently have a Bluetooth speaker that I use in the bedroom but quite often it will take multiple tries to get it to sync with my iPhone or iPad. I would love to dip my toe in the Android pool because it is so open and not gated off like the pool at the Apple country club. I do have to say that the water in the Apple pool is always clean and the pool is great but I can only bring my friends if they are a member of the Apple country club. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Sorry I had to send this from my iPad. P.S. Again. The panel is just not as attractive as it used to be. Sorry

Allen Bryant





Good day to the new Eileen less AAA crew , Sniff :(,

Marlon "theGuyfromTrinidad" here with an excellent deal that you have to pick up immediately. The Humble Bundle 4 for Android 4 is out an in its last days as of this recording (it ends on Thursday at around 5 p,m.ET), And if you pay more than the average you get a total of 11 Android games plus soundtracks and also you can get copies of the games for windows, MAC and Linux. It includes the debut of Sword and Sworcery, which has one of the best video game soundtracks and I encourage you to play with your headphones on, also debuting is Waking Mars, Crayon physics deluxe, Eufloria and Splice.

Check it out at They have passed over 1 million dollars so who says Android users are cheap.

Marlon the guy from Trinidad

Android Arena!



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