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All About Android
Episode 87

All About Android (87): (It's Ergodynamic!)



"The secret sauce is the Proceed button that gets grayed out when you press it doesn't actually disable itself. It only looks like it does, but in reality, you can click it again. And again. In fact, to make it even more fool-proof, you can TAB enough times to place the keyboard focus on the button (you'll see this orange glow in Chrome, for example) and then hold the Enter button like you've never held anything before."

In the wake of Black Friday, IBM release a Black Friday report detailing, among other things, the ways that deals were shopped online. Some takeaway points: 24% of online sales from Mobile devices 13% came from phones: iOS represents 67% of that, Android 33%. 11% came from tablets: iPad represents 88% of that, Android 12%. Obviously, iOS dominates. BUT ComScore data shows (Nov 12) that there are 60+million Android users to iOS' 40+ million users. Further, the ratio for how engaged iOS users are with shopping on their phone versus Android users has widened. Two years ago, iOS ruled Android 2 to1. Now, 3 to 1.

Interesting questions posed: - Why is iOS stronger in things like browsing and shopping? (Is this an "experience" issue? Better/Worse apps? Performance? - Are Android devices being used for basic phone functions as opposed to smart phone functions by a large group of "new" smartphoners? - If a large number of Android users don't use the devices AS a smart phone, what does this say about market dominance from a numbers perspective?



$99 2 yr contract on VZW

4.7" HD IPS display (great!) Dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 (fast more most everything) 1GB RAM 16GB internal storage with MicroSD slot 8MP RFC w 1080p video, 1.3MP FFC 2150mAh removable battery NFC (two tags included labeled "Car Mode" and "Office Mode" vibrate+bluetooth) 4G LTE 4.0 ICS (no JB announced yet)

Pros: Display Fluid and responsive Wireless charging

Cons: Design (hard edges, power location, feels big) Camera (overblown, blurry motion, bad low light)



Hi Guys,

I really like the show and listen almost every week. I am looking for a recommendation for an Android tablet for my parents. They are older and never had a tablet or smart phone but are now interested. So I am potentially looking at an Android tablet as a gift. They would use it primarily for e-mail (AOL) and web browsing. However one factor in the choice from my perspective is that I will be remote technical support, they live about 3 hours from me. I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, so I am thinking about a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for them. That way, hopefully I can recreate most issues they have on my tablet. Also there seems to be some fairly good prices now. However I am a little concerned that the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 hardware is getting dated by at this point. Does it make sense to buy at this point or would it make sense to look for something newer?




Android Arena!


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