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All About Android
Episode 88

All About Android (88): (The Power of a Pixel)



JB jumped from 4-7% in the past month. ICS totals 27.5%. GB reigns supreme at 51%.

Google Apps customers are now able to distribute apps via the newly announced Google Play Private Channel. Employees who login with their Google Apps account credentials should see them within the Play Store app. This is, of course, once the company loads the internal apps into the Developer Console for distribution.

Google I/O is set to happen in SF at Moscone Center West from May 15-17, 2013. Registration details to be announced sometime in February 2013.



Hey folks! For nearly two years I have tolerated a lousy LG Ally because none of Verizon's phones tickled my fancy. That changed with the release of the Note II, and despite being the pickiest nerd who ever lived, the Note II has exceeded every last one of my expectations. It is an incredible device. But today I noticed a single broken pixel.

It is tiny. It is almost microscopic. But I cannot stop looking at it. I find myself forgetting what I'm doing because I fixate on that one teeny tiny black dot.

So I write to ask; should I suck it up and learn to deal with it, or is this grounds enough to return it to the Verizon store and get another? I think I would feel weird pointing at that one nano-scale blemish and demanding a brand new device because of it, but I find it impossible to ignore. What has been seen cannot be unseen.




5" 1920x1080 display (440 ppi compared to: Google Nexus 4 (320ppi), the HTC One X (316ppi) and 8X (341ppi), and the Apple iPhone 5 (326ppi))
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5GHz
16GB internal storage
No SD card slot
Non-removable 2020 mAh battery
Energizer Qi wireless chargin
Beats audio
Jelly Bean 4.1.1



First I want to say thanks for the podcast guys great job, this question is for Ron since he is the Google TV expert. I was looking to get a Google TV soon but don't know which to buy vizio co-star Logitech revue or the new Sony one. Which one would you recommend , price is not a huge concern all though I do like the price if the vizio . But the reviews are not great mainly because of software I believe. I have seen some revue on eBay for 99$. What do you think.Thanks

David Las Vegas ,Nevada





Last week, you guys briefly mentioned the Play Store's move to Google+ reviews. Nobody on the show had anything bad to say about it, but I think there was a missing perspective.

I'm a small time developer. We live on reviews. Very few people download an app with no reviews, or even a handful. For developers that have not yet made a name for ourselves, getting that good review count up is essential. I have a 5 star app on the market. It has 963 downloads at the time of this writing, and 3 ratings, 2 of them with reviews. That's a paltry 0.3% of users who leave a rating. Sadly, outside of the technology enthusiast sphere, Google+ is rarely used. Would my app have a single review on it, if users were forced to have a g+ profile? Coming from an app/website developers perspective, throwing a sign up form when the user didn't ask for it is a huge turn away.

Eric L

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