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All About Android
Episode 9

All About Android 9: Choose How You Read The News



  • Best Buy announces Wi-Fi HTC Flyer for May 22
  • 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 5-megapixel camera, and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera. Internal memory is listed as 16GB; however, a microSD slot allows for additional storage. Other details include support for 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, an MHL port, and DLNA capability.
  • Optimus 3D (AT&T as LG Thrill)
  • 4.3-inch display, 1GHz dual-core processor, dual-channel and dual-memory architecture, two 5.0-megapixel cameras, a 3D "Hot Key" will deliver five 3D-dedicated user interfaces. 1080p for 2D clips and up to 720p for 3D.
  • Includes first 3D Augmented Reality browser (Wikitude 3D) too!


  • Jason - Thumb Keyboard ($2.49)
  • Pin a commonly used phrase, or...
  • Turn on toolbar and throw commonly used phrases and hard to type symbols up there.
  • Buttons change the layout easily.
  • Highly customizable (including setting custom keyboard dimensions).
  • Tons of themes.
  • Autocorrection is pretty trustable.


Is there a camera app or way to set up cameras so that photos go to a cloud folder like say Dropbox? That way they are on the phone but can be moved/accessed in other places as well from another computer. Sugarsync has a similar way, but not what I want.

Allen Angle

Android Arena!



I'm fairly new to the android world. For the most part I love the android experience. But when are they going to get the battery life as good as the phones itself? Coming from a blackberry the android is extremely disappointing in this area. We really are unable to enjoy too many of the great android experiences when we are away from an outlet for most of the day. Do you see any better batteries coming? Love the show.

David Bates

"I’ve been using Droids (original and Incredible) since November of 2009 when the original Droid was released. I am also responsible for over 100 phones, mostly Android, in my company.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon in my Incredible. Others have seen it too. Too short of a battery life. I had my suspicions as to what was causing it but never did anything about it. Yes, I use Juice Defender and Juice Plotter. And, that helps. But, about a month ago things took a turn for the worse.

My phone comes off the charger around 6am and it used to be that by 5pm I’d be down to around 25% or so. A month ago I noticed that I was down to 25% around noon. I had to pop in the spare battery, that I keep in my pocket, during lunch time. This was not good. Time for some drastic action. I decided to use the “scientific method” that we all learn about in high school. You know, holding all variables constant while changing only one thing.

I suspected it was an app that was killing my battery, not a bad battery or hardware. I decided I had to prove it. I had over 150 downloaded apps so it would be very difficult to determine exactly which one was draining the battery. I normally keep wifi and GPS on all the time. I like it that way and don’t intend to change it. So, my first step was start fresh. Reload the phone with factory settings. Wipe everything out and start over. Turn on wifi and GPS.

Once I did that the only things I loaded were AppBrain, Juice Defender and Juice Plotter. Need that plotter to see graphically what was going on. I left my phone in this state for 3 days. Battery life was spectacular. At 5pm I was still at 70%. Amazing. I never had it so good.

So, to keep things stable I decided to only add 1 app per day and see if anything was draining the battery. By doing that I found that the following apps have no effect on the battery life by just loading them: Slacker, World Newspapers, HBO GO, Facebook, AudioGalaxy, Amazon App Store, TouchDown, Zillow, Netflix, Pandora, Flixter, Goggles and Bubble. However, when I loaded Sound Hound things changed. I noticed a larger than normal drop of battery. Not dramatic like I was seeing before, but noticeable. So, after a day I removed Sound Hound and battery life went back to normal.

Scientifically I can’t say if it was Sound Hound alone or Sound Hound in combination with something else that caused the battery drain. It may not be Sound Hound’s fault but I don’t care, I took it off.

As a result of my testing I’m a month into this experiment and have somewhere between 60% and 70% battery life left at 5pm. I believe that to be excellent. And, I’ve changed my app trial habits as a result. I don’t scour the Marketplace and download at will anymore. No more binges. I load an app at the beginning of the day and see what that app does to battery life. If all is good then it can stay. I’ve learned to be conservative with regard to apps that eat my battery.



I wanted to write back to thank you guys for following up on the information I forwarded you a couple of weeks back (AAA Podcast #6) regarding Gamelofts Android unfriendly DRM Policy.

Thankfully thanks to everyone that was involved in getting the word out Gameloft has done an about-face and will now allow users to re-download titles purchased from their web store.

You can see all the pertinent details including letters from Gameloft regarding their DRM Policy change @ .

Again thanks for your help. You've done the Android community a service.




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