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All About Android
Episode 91

All About Android (91): (It's Called Marketing!)


FTC settled its antitrust claims with Google last week. How this relates to Android has more to do with the patent wars than anything else. First: Standard-essential patents cover technologies crucial to device interoperability. Tech companies agree to license these to rivals and competitors on Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) terms. Now, Motorola Mobility had agreed to license its standard-essential patents under FRAND terms, but ultimately reneged, prompting the FTC’s action. Google bought Motorola Mobility and continued this practice. The agreement made means that Google/Motorola will stop seeking product bans for standards essential patent infringement. Google senior vice president and chief legal officer David Drummond said in a statement. “We will seek to resolve standard-essential patent disputes through a neutral third-party before seeking injunctions.” How does this affect the other players? Apple, Microsoft, Samsung?







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