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All About Android
Episode 97

All About Android (97): (Have a Seat in the Cloud)


Extremely reliable sources", says 9to5 Google, are confirming that Google is working on brick and mortar stores, possibly open for business by the end of the year. The stores would be a way for Google to demonstrate the Nexus line, Chrome, and other upcoming products to customers. The idea came from the thought that consumers would need to test out Google Glass in order to understand and potentially make a purchase.
Mark it on your calendar! This Thursday, February 21, is the day that Canonical releases the Ubuntu mobile OS for the Galaxy Nexus and NExus 4. Linux in your hand! Canonical says this marks a new era for Ubuntu. This will be a developer preview and not final code. Expect to see more at Mobile World Congress next week.



Hey AAA crew! Greg from Pennsylvania here. I was listening to last weeks show and you were discussing the Ouya console and its claim of backwards compatibility. You were saying how unreasonable it is for them to expect the console to be able to play future games.

I think you guys are misunderstanding backwards compatible. When the Xbox 720 says its backwards compatible, it means it'll play Xbox 360 games, not that it'll play whatever's coming out next.

What you were discussing was forward compatibility, which no one advertises, for the very reasons you guys discussed. All the Ouya guys are saying is that when you buy that new console next year, it'll still be able to play those games you bought for the original console.

That's all people want. No one expects their old console to play the newest games. They just want their moneys worth.

Love you guys!




HTC One: 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 4.7" LCD, 1920x1080 (468ppi) (vs 440ppi Droid DNA) 2GB RAM 32/64GB internal storage No SD slot AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint No Verizon Camera: UltraPixel basically means a larger sensor than normal, allowing for more light. The resulting image is 4MP but that's plenty if the image sensor captures the image better. Also, ImageChip 2 enables continuous autofocus in less than 200ms. 1080p HDR video recording near 30FPS.
HTC Sense 5.0 has a completely overhauled look from previous versions. Including BlinkFeed, a full screen home feed of social and news sources in a format very similar to Flipboard tiles. Gallery is animated with motion video instead of static buttons for videos. Zoe is a camera feature that records short 3-second videos for quick sharing, similar to Vine.
If anything can overshadow the HTC One, it's the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Multiple sources are confirming that Samsung plans an event for March 14th in New York City to unveil that high-demand device.
Alleged screenshots of the OS powering a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch have surfaced online. Leaked screenshots from a Korean message board show “Samsung Galaxy Altius.” with a 500x500 resolution and what appears to be black and white layout. Announcement during S IV event appears likely, IF this is real. Could it be a companion device to the S IV?
Google possibly claims another ally in the Android game with HP said to being close to announcing its entrance into the platform. Sources close to the matter say that HP is prepping a high-end tablet powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 4 processor, possibly the first tablet to be running that processor. That could peg a release sometime around Q2/Q3 of 2013, with an announcement likely after the end of Mobile World Congress in a week. This would undoubtedly be a great get for Google. Is this smart of HP? To be another slab of Android amongst a sea of them? Could we eventually see an HP Android laptop at some point?





Users that buy movie tickets through Fandango will now be reminded when to leave for their showing, and Google Now will provide a QR code for the tickets so they can be scanned in at theaters. US users will also see a music button when a song is playing and they're in voice mode. Collegiate athletics in the US are now also included in Google Now's assortment of sports teams as well
Previously, only Google's applications could take advantage of the downloaded speech dictionaries, which allowed for offline voice typing. With the recent changes, applications like utter! can now access your downloaded dictionaries to do their thing faster, and without a data connection. Everyone loves faster, and I can think of plenty of instances that I've had my Nexus 7 somewhere without a connection. The developers at utter! are the first to make use of this, be we expect any application that uses voice recognition to quickly follow suit.



Dear AAA Crew,

Love the show! I was hoping you could help with an app suggestion. I have a 1 year old daughter and she loves to watch videos on my Nexus7. The problem is she also loves to touch the screen which stops the video. Is there an app that will render the touch screen temporarily unresponsive to touch while a video is playing?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Tom Hastings, MI

MX Player
Kids Lock plugin

Android Arena



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