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App List

This is a list of all apps presented or reviewed in All About Android from the episode 1-150. For the newest episodes click here.

All About Android Apps
App Name Episode Arena Arena Win Category Subcategory
Dormi - Baby Monitor AAA 150 Arena Tools
Fenix for Twitter - Preview AAA 150 Arena Social Twitter
Speedometer AAA 150 Arena Transportation
TaoMix AAA 150 Arena Win Health & Fitness
Muzei AAA 149 Arena Win Personalization Wallpaper
PolyFauna AAA 149 Arena Music & Audio
Groopic AAA 149 Arena Photography
Night Mode AAA 149 Arena Tools Display Control
Basecamp AAA 148 Arena Productivity
Cogi AAA 148 Arena Productivity Note Taking
Final Fantasy VI AAA 148 Arena Win Game Arcade & Action
ICE: In Case of Emergency AAA 147 Medical
My Paid Apps AAA 147 Arena Tools
Talon Twitter app AAA 147 Arena Social Twitter
Lyne AAA 147 Arena Game Brain & Puzzle
Sound Fields: Winter AAA 146 Arena Music & Audio
THX tune-up Promo AAA 146 Arena Entertainment
Stack Exchange AAA 146 Arena Win Social
Beats Music AAA 146 Arena Music & Audio
Quickr AAA 145 Arena Tools Launcher
LynxFit (Glass App) AAA 145 Arena Win Health & Fitness
Pedometer AAA 145 Arena Health & Fitness
Mumble! AAA 145 Arena Communication SMS
EvolveSMS AAA 144 Communication SMS
12Hours AAA 144 Arena Win Personalization Clock/Day planner
JotterPad X: Writing AAA 144 Arena Productivity Writing
Photo Calendar Widget AAA 144 Arena Photography Calendar
Citymapper AAA 143 Arena Transportation
Network Monitor Mini AAA 143 Arena Win Tools Network Monitor
Talkatone AAA 143 Arena Communication VoIP
Jelly AAA 143 Social
Aces of the Luftwaffe AAA 142 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Clash of Clans AAA 142 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Wordiest AAA 142 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
News+ AAA 142 Arena News & Magazines Reader
Scotchy Scotch Toss AAA 140 Arena Win Games Casual
Knightmare Tower AAA 140 Arena Games Arcade & Action AAA 140 Arena Productivity
Cover AAA 140 Arena Personalization Lockscreen
Textra SMS AAA 139 Communication SMS
Emu AAA 139 Communication SMS
Pixel Dungeon AAA 139 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
Action Launcher AAA 139 Arena Personalization Launcher
Cal AAA 139 Arena Productivity Calendar
Call PopOut AAA 139 Arena Lifestyle
All About Android: The Game AAA 138 Games Arcade & Action
VSCO Cam AAA 138 Arena Photography
Unified Remote Full AAA 138 Arena Tools Remote
InstaFontMaker Font Maker AAA 138 Arena Win Social Font creation
FIFA AAA 138 Arena Sports
Allthecooks Recipes AAA 137 Arena Health & Fitness Cooking
Grand St. AAA 137 Arena Shopping
SolMail AAA 137 Arena Communication Email
Gravity Screen AAA 137 Arena Win Tools Screen
Dayframe AAA 136 Arena Photography
Nun Attack: Run & Gun AAA 136 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Star Wars: Tiny Death Star AAA 136 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Camera Awesome AAA 135 Arena Photography
IP Cam Viewer Lite AAA 135 Arena Win Tools Remote IP cam viewer
Flib AAA 135 Arena Tools Conversions
SystemPanel AAA 135 Arena Tools Task Manager
Moves AAA 134 Arena Health & Fitness
Saga - Automatic Lifelogging AAA 134 Arena Lifestyle Travel
Stay Alive! AAA 134 Arena Win Tools Display control
Robot Unicorn Attack 2 AAA 134 Arena Games Casual
Plants vs Zombies 2 AAA 133 Arena Games Casual
Plugshare AAA 133 Arena Transportation Vehicle charging stations
Molto AAA 133 Arena Win Communication Email
Dead Trigger 2 AAA 133 Arena Games Arcade & Action
PushBullet AAA 132 Arena Win Productivity
Touch Control AAA 132 Arena Productivity
Switchr AAA 132 Arena Tools Task Switcher
Circa News AAA 132 Arena News & Magazines
Chronus AAA 131 Arena Win Productivity Widget
Canvas AAA 131 Arena Communication Pebble customization
Ticket to Ride AAA 131 Arena Games Casual
Aviate AAA 131 Arena Personalization Launcher
Dragon Mobile Assistant AAA 130 Productivity Voice-Activated Assistant
FindIt AAA 130 Arena Productivity Cloud search
Yahoo Weather AAA 130 Arena Win Weather
Tapatalk AAA 130 Arena Social Forums
Smash the Office AAA 129 Arena Games Arcade & Action
TextSecure AAA 129 Arena Communication Text Security
Frozen LED AAA 129 Arena Win Tools Notifications
Songza AAA 129 Music & Audio
Nextdoor AAA 128 Social Local
Pocket Planets AAA 128 Arena Education Space
Square Register AAA 128 Arena Business Payment
Dynamic Keyboard AAA 128 Arena Tools Keyboard
Onavo Count AAA 128 Arena Win Tools Data Usage
TWiT Stream AAA 127 Media & Video Video & Audio streaming
Aldiko Book Reader AAA 127 Arena Books E-books
Dumb Ways to Die AAA 127 Arena Win Games Casual
Simplenote AAA 127 Arena Productivity
Baby ESP AAA 126 Arena Health & Fitness Baby tracker
Eat24 AAA 126 Arena Travel & Local Food
Ingress AAA 126 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Xbox Music AAA 126 Music & Audio Music Streaming
TWiT Pro AAA 125 Arena Win Media & Video Video & Audio Streaming

formerly known as YouTube Floating HD Player / Showtime

AAA 125 Arena Media & Video Video Streaming
Sliding Explorer AAA 125 Arena Tools File manager
Digg AAA 125 News & Magazines RSS Reader
MightyText for Tablets AAA 125 Productivity SMS
MightyText AAA 125 Productivity SMS
Floating Widget AAA 124 Arena Tools Widget
Minuum Keyboard AAA 124 Arena Productivity Keyboard
Timely AAA 124 Arena Win Lifestyle Alarm Clock
VMLite VNC Server AAA 124 Tools Remote Mobile Connection
TeamViewer QS AAA 124 Productivity Remote Mobile Connection
Dropchord AAA 123 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Portal AAA 123 Arena Productivity
HabitRPG AAA 123 Arena Productivity To-Do
Twilight AAA 123 Arena Win Health & Fitness Automation
Lose It! AAA 122 Arena Health & Fitness Weight
Drippler AAA 122 Arena News & Magazines Android
Cheapcast AAA 122 Arena Win Media & Video Chromecast
Google Play Books AAA 122 Books & Reference Reading
Amazon Instant Video-Google TV AAA 121 Entertainment Video Streaming
Krome AAA 121 Arena Tools Syncing
Transit App AAA 121 Arena Transportation Public Transportation
Splashtop AAA 121 Arena Win Business Remote Desktop Connection
McPixel AAA 120 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Sparky Lock Screen AAA 120 Arena Personalization Lockscreen
Face Switch AAA 120 Arena Win Photography
Google Play Games AAA 120 Entertainment
Spaceteam AAA 119 Arena Win Games Casual
Locket AAA 119 Arena Lifestyle Lockscreen
Floating Toucher AAA 119 Arena Tools
FIT Radio AAA 119 Arena Music & Audio Fitness
RetailMeNot AAA 118 Arena Shopping
WeChat AAA 118 Arena Communication Instant Messaging (IM)
Crazy Taxi AAA 118 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Meme Generator AAA 117 Arena Win Entertainment
Floating Notifications AAA 117 Arena Personalization Notifications
Twheel AAA 117 Arena Social Twitter
Retroid AAA 117 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Jones on Fire AAA 116 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Battle Cats AAA 116 Arena Games Casual
Despicable Me AAA 116 Arena Win Games Casual
How To Make Paper Airplanes AAA 115 Arena Win Education Paper airplanes
Buzz Launcher AAA 115 Arena Personalization Launcher
Cloudii AAA 115 Arena Libraries & Demo Cloud Management
Pocket Tanks AAA 114 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Silvercar AAA 114 Arena Travel & Local Car Rental
Blendoku AAA 114 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
Expedia AAA 114 Arena Travel & Local Hotels & Flights
Wordkick AAA 114 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
Cloud Print AAA 114 Productivity Printing
Fast Burst Camera AAA 114 Photography
Camera Folders AAA 114 Photography
Draft AAA 113 Arena Productivity Text Editor
RadarScope AAA 113 Arena Weather
Valet AAA 113 Arena Transportation Location
3D Image Live Wallpaper AAA 113 Arena Win Personalization Wallpaper
Google Keyboard AAA 113 Tools Keyboard
NiLS AAA 113 Personalization Notifications
Duolingo AAA 112 Arena Win Education Language
Vine AAA 112 Arena Social Video
Giganticon AAA 112 Arena Personalization Icons
Toca Hair Salon 2 AAA 112 Arena Education Kids
Arcus Weather AAA 111 Arena Win Weather
Maluuba AAA 111 Arena Productivity Voice-Activated Assistant
SnapPea AAA 111 Arena Tools Device manager
Flickr AAA 110 Arena Win Photography
Expensify AAA 110 Arena Finance
WeVideo AAA 110 Arena Media & Video Video Editor
Hangouts AAA 110 Communication
Pushover AAA 109 Arena Win Productivity Push notification service
BBQScreen AAA 109 Arena Productivity
Dreamboard Mobile AAA 109 Arena Health & Fitness Dreaming
Stuck on Earth AAA 109 Arena Travel & Local
Schemes AAA 108 Arena Social Scheduled messages
DigiCal+ AAA 108 Arena Productivity Calendar
Ninja SMS AAA 108 Arena Win Communication SMS
Viber AAA 108 Communication Instant Messaging (IM)
HD Full Screen Caller ID

formerly known as HD Caller ID

AAA 107 Personalization Contacts
RoundR AAA 107 Arena Personalization Round screen corners
Cam Scanner AAA 107 Arena Win Productivity Scanner
Diptic AAA 107 Arena Photography
The Room AAA 106 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
Sliding Messaging AAA 106 Arena Win Social
Notification Weather AAA 106 Arena Weather
Luper AAA 105 Arena Productivity
Rando AAA 105 Arena Win Photography
File Expert AAA 105 Arena Tools File manager
Snabbit AAA 105 Games Arcade & Action
Facebook Home AAA 105 Social
Everything Launcher AAA 105 Personalization Launcher
Rayman Jungle Run AAA 104 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Weather Travel Fashion AAA 104 Arena Weather
Snake. Payback. AAA 104 Arena Win Games Casual
SwipePad AAA 103 Arena Productivity Launcher
Instructables AAA 103 Arena Lifestyle
Rethink AAA 103 Arena Productivity To-Do
Clean Master AAA 103 Arena Win Tools Memory booster/trash cleaner
Mac Remote AAA 102 Arena Tools Remote
NFC Task Launcher AAA 102 Arena Tools NFC
Smart Volume Control + AAA 102 Arena Win Tools Volume
GoingDutch AAA 102 Arena Productivity Debt
Keep AAA 102 Productivity
Messaging + Google Voice AAA 101 Arena Win Communication
Kii Keyboard AAA 101 Arena Personalization Keyboard
The Walking Dead Dead Yourself AAA 101 Arena Entertainment
City Island AAA 101 Arena Games Casual
Instabridge AAA 100 Arena Win Communication WiFi
Pebble Notifier AAA 100 Arena Tools Pebble notifications
BaconReader AAA 100 Arena News & Magazines reddit
SwiftKey Tablet Keyboard AAA 99 Productivity Keyboard
TripIt AAA 99 Travel & Local
GitHub AAA 99 Productivity
BetterBatteryStats AAA 99 Arena Tools Battery
tapestry AAA 99 Arena Social
xkcd - simple comic viewer AAA 99 Arena Win Comics xkcd
Slider Widget AAA 98 Arena Tie Tools Widget
newscover AAA 98 Arena Tie News & Magazines
Evernote Hello AAA 98 Arena Lifestyle Evernote
Andmade Share AAA 97 Arena Win Tools Share menu replacement
ClockPlus DayDream AAA 97 Arena Tools Screensaver
7x7 AAA 97 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
Kids Lock (plugin) AAA 97 Entertainment Parental Control
MX Player AAA 97 Media & Video Video Player
Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. AAA 97 Games Casual
Shapes & Sound Shooter AAA 96 Arena Games Arcade & Action
DashClock AAA 96 Arena Win Personalization Widget
Silence AAA 96 Arena Tools Volume
Carbon AAA 95 Arena Social Twitter
Reddit News AAA 95 Arena Tie News & Magazines reddit
Fast Burst Camera AAA 95 Arena Tie Photography
Trackthisforme AAA 94 Arena Health & Fitness
Simple Calendar Widget AAA 94 Arena Productivity Widget
HomeFlip AAA 94 Arena Win Personalization App Switcher
Tout AAA 94 Social
Spotify AAA 93 Music & Audio Music Streaming
Grocery iQ AAA 93 Shopping Grocery
Alarm Clock Xtreme AAA 93 Tools Alarm Clock
WhosCall AAA 93 Communication
SMS Backup + AAA 93 Tools Backup
Foursquare AAA 93 Social
Minimalistic Text AAA 93 Personalization Widget
Movies by Flixster AAA 93 Entertainment
K-9 Mail AAA 93 Communication E-mail
Pocket AAA 93 News & Magazines
Simple Dialer Widget AAA 93 Arena Communication Widget
Super Hexagon AAA 93 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Plague Inc. AAA 93 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
QM Launcher AAA 93 Arena Productivity Launcher
Agenda Calendar AAA 92 Arena Win Productivity Calendar
Zime AAA 92 Arena Productivity
Business Calendar AAA 92 Arena Productivity Calendar
Chrome Beta AAA 92 Productivity Web Browser
WordLookup AAA 92 Tools Dictionary
Fora Dictionary AAA 92 Books & Reference Dictionary

formerly known as Simple Bank out

AAA 92 Finance
Smart Voice Recorder AAA 91 Music & Audio Voice Recorder
RecForge AAA 91 Music & Audio Audio Recorder
Dr. Panda's Veggie Garden AAA 91 Arena Education Kids
Press AAA 91 Arena News & Magazines RSS Reader
Trello AAA 91 Arena Win Productivity
Slice Keyboard AAA 90 Arena Productivity Keyboard
Naught AAA 90 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
ÜberConference AAA 90 Arena Productivity Conferencing
Snapseed AAA 89 Photography
SwiftKey Flow AAA 89 Productivity Keyboard
Ustream AAA 89 Media & Video Video Streaming
VLC AAA 89 Media & Video Media Player
MoreQuicklyPanel AAA 89 Arena Tools Widget
Untappd AAA 89 Arena Social
Team Awesome AAA 89 Arena Games Arcade & Action

formerly known as Foodster

AAA 89 Arena Win Health & Fitness Food ingredient identifier
Jet Set Radio AAA 88 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Geocaching AAA 88 Arena Entertainment
Falcon AAA 88 Arena Communication Twitter
Ingress AAA 88 Games Arcade & Action
AppSales AAA 87 Arena Shopping Apps
WiFi Analyzer AAA 87 Arena Win Tools WiFi
Pixlr Express AAA 87 Arena Photography
Snapchat AAA 86 Arena Social
Screen Standby (root req.) AAA 86 Arena Tools
Organ Trail: Director's Cut AAA 86 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Echofon AAA 86 Social Twitter
Ingress for Android AAA 86 Games Arcade & Action
Army of Darkness Defense AAA 85 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Wreck-it Ralph AAA 85 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Angry Birds Star Wars AAA 85 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
NFC Task Launcher AAA 85 Tools NFC
Amazon Cloud Drive Photos AAA 84 Photography
AppWatch AAA 84 Shopping Apps
Zooper Widget AAA 84 Arena Personalization Widget
Storage Analyser AAA 84 Arena Win Tools File manager
Photo Punch AAA 84 Arena Photography
First Aid - American Red Cross AAA 83 Arena Health & Fitness
Minimal Reader Pro (no longer available) AAA 83 Arena Win
Auto SMS Sender AAA 83 Arena Communication SMS
DayFrame (no longer available) AAA 82 Arena
Google Calendar AAA 82 Productivity Calendar
Lapse It AAA 82 Arena Win Photography
Notif AAA 81 Arena Productivity Notifications
Conjure AAA 81 Arena Tools Launcher
Flow Free AAA 81 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
Pocket Planes AAA 80 Arena Games Casual
Atooma AAA 80 Arena Win Tools Automation
Dumpster AAA 80 Arena Productivity Recycle Bin
BetterThanExpected Wallpapers AAA 79 Arena Win Personalization Wallpaper
Gojee (no longer available) AAA 79 Arena
Open Garden AAA 79 Arena Communication
BIT.TRIP BEAT AAA 78 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Cool Tool AAA 78 Arena Win Tools System Stats
LED Scroller Ultimate AAA 78 Arena Entertainment
Chameleon Launcher for Tablets AAA 77 Productivity Launcher
Lux AAA 77 Arena Tools Automation
Lyft AAA 77 Transportation
runtastic AAA 77 Arena Health & Fitness
tipSkip AAA 77 Arena Music & Audio
Battery Widget Reborn AAA 77 Arena Win Tools Battery
Scope AAA 76 Arena Win News & Magazines
APP Lock AAA 76 Arena Tools Privacy
Lookout Ad Network Detector AAA 76 Arena Tools Ads
Ultimate Rotation Control AAA 76 Arena Tools Screen rotation
LifeMeter AAA 75 Arena Win Entertainment Battery
LilyPad AAA 75 Arena Social Instant Messaging (IM)
Tweedle for Twitter AAA 75 Arena Social Twitter
Monsters Ate My Condo AAA 74 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
ROM Toolbox Pro (root req.) AAA 74 Arena Tools System optimize toolbox
Traffic Panic London AAA 74 Arena Games Casual
UNIQLO WAKE UP AAA 74 Arena Win Tools Alarm Clock
TeslaLED AAA 73 Arena Tools Flashlight
Jetpack Joyride AAA 73 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Pattrn AAA 73 Arena Personalization Wallpaper
SeatGuru AAA 72 Arena Travel & Local Flying
Clickfree Mobile Backup AAA 72 Arena Tools Backup
InstaWifi AAA 72 Arena Win Tools WiFi
Lemon Wallet AAA 71 Arena Finance
Sixaxis Controller (root req.) AAA 71 Arena Win Tools Gaming
Slices AAA 71 Arena Social Twitter
SongPop Free AAA 71 Arena Games Casual
Order & Chaos Online AAA 70 Arena Games Arcade & Action
PixiTracker 1Bit AAA 70 Arena Win Music & Audio
1Tap Quick Bar AAA 69 Arena Personalization Notifications
Light Flow AAA 69 Arena Tools LED notificaions
One More Clock Widget AAA 69 Arena Tools Widget
PaperKarma AAA 68 Arena Win Lifestyle
Alarm Clock AAA 68 Arena Tools Alarm Clock
Carrr Matey AAA 68 Travel & Local Parking
Fancy AAA 68 Arena Shopping
Markers AAA 68 Arena Media & Video Drawing
Zombies, Run! AAA 67 Arena Win Health & Fitness Running
Bounce AAA 67 Arena Productivity
DEAD TRIGGER AAA 67 Arena Games Arcade & Action
GYRO AAA 67 Arena Games Arcade & Action
PicFrame AAA 66 Arena Photography
Tapestry AAA 66 Arena Win Social
WarGames: WOPR AAA 66 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
LogMeIn Ignition AAA 66 Arena Productivity Remote Desktop Connection
Real Colors AAA 65 Arena Tools Color palette generator
World Travel Guide by Triposo AAA 65 Arena Travel & Local
Boid AAA 65 Arena Win Social Twitter
Centipede®: Origins AAA 65 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Kinect Star Wars AAA 64 Social
Kinectimals AAA 64 Games Casual
Rounds AAA 64 Arena Win Lifestyle Score pad
Songkick Concerts AAA 64 Arena Music & Audio
BetterBatteryStats AAA 64 Tools Battery
ReLaunch AAA 63 Arena Personalization Launcher
Clipper AAA 63 Arena Win Productivity Clipboard Manager
HD Contact Photos AAA 63 Arena Tools Contacts
Tasks AAA 62 Arena Win Productivity
Treemaker AAA 62 Arena Games Casual
Panic Flight AAA 62 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Songify AAA 61 Music & Audio
ZombieSmash AAA 61 Arena Games Arcade & Action
CamCard AAA 61 Arena Win Business Scanner
doubleTwist Alarm Clock AAA 61 Arena Personalization Alarm Clock
Samba Filesharing AAA 60 Arena Tools Filesharing AAA 60 Music & Audio
Uber AAA 60 Arena Transportation
AirDroid AAA 60 Arena Win Tools Device manager
Calculator & Converter

formerly known as Calculations

AAA 60 Arena Finance Calculator
Skyvi AAA 59 Arena Win Productivity Voice-Activated Assistant
Weather Flow AAA 59 Arena Weather

formerly known as DocuSign Ink

AAA 59 Arena Productivity Sign Documents
Drisk AAA 58 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
Street View on Google Maps AAA 58 Arena Travel & Local
Wave Control AAA 58 Arena Music & Audio Gesture Control
AfterFocus AAA 57 Arena Win Photography
BABEL Rising AAA 57 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Fetchnotes AAA 57 Arena Productivity
BlingBoard AAA 56 Arena Social Widget
Canabalt AAA 56 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Plume AAA 55 Arena Social Twitter
Temple Run AAA 55 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Cytus AAA 55 Arena Games Arcade & Action At the Ballpark AAA 55 Arena Sports
Nova Launcher AAA 54 Arena Win Personalization Launcher
Apex Launcher AAA 54 Personalization Launcher
FoxFi AAA 54 Arena Communication Tethering At Bat AAA 54 Arena Sports
PadMapper AAA 53 Arena Shopping Apartment Rental
SwitchMe AAA 53 Arena Win Tools Multiple accounts
Epistle (no longer available) AAA 53 Arena Productivity Text Editor
Fragger AAA 53 Arena Games Arcade & Action
MoboPlayer AAA 52 Media & Video Video Player
Slice AAA 52 Arena Shopping
Smart Tools AAA 52 Arena Tools
Draw Something AAA 52 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
The CW Network AAA 52 Arena Entertainment Video Streaming
Do it (Tomorrow) AAA 51 Arena Productivity To-Do
OverSkreen AAA 51 Arena Communication Web Browser
reddit is fun golden platinum AAA 51 Arena News & Magazines reddit
WiFi File Explorer AAA 51 Arena Win Tools Filesharing
Trivialist (no longer available) AAA 50 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
Able Remote for Google TV AAA 50 Tools Remote
Data Detective - Free AAA 50 Arena Tools Mobile Data Usage
Droid Of The Day AAA 50 Arena Win Shopping Apps
Kid Play AAA 50 Arena Arcade & Action Parental Control
Social GTV for Google TV AAA 50 Social Twitter
Cerberus AAA 49 Arena Win Productivity Security
Handy Scanner AAA 49 Arena Productivity Scanner
Triple Town AAA 49 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle AAA 49 Arena Productivity To-Do
JotterPad AAA 48 Arena Productivity Text Editor
Rumpus - Tablet AAA 48 Arena Music & Audio
The Sims AAA 48 Arena Win Games Casual
Stick it! AAA 47 Arena Win Media & Video Video Player
Tip-Off Basketball AAA 47 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Vitamio Plugin ARMv7+NEON AAA 47 Arena Libraries & Demo Multimedia Framework (no longer available) AAA 47 Arena Shopping
doubleTwist AAA 46 Arena Music & Audio Music Player
Path AAA 15, 46 Arena Social
AndChat AAA 46 Arena Communication IRC
Cocktail Flow Tablet AAA 46 Arena Win Lifestyle Drinks
Yelp AAA 45 Arena Travel & Local
Wiimote Controller AAA 45 Arena Tools Gaming
1Weather AAA 45 Arena Win Weather
Hipster (no longer available) AAA 44 Arena
Osmos AAA 44 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Shot Control AAA 44 Arena Photography
ClockworkMod Tether AAA 43 Arena Tools Tethering
Glympse AAA 43 Arena Win Social Location
Pixel Rain AAA 43 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
Shush! AAA 41 Arena Win Tools Volume
Screen Filter AAA 41 Arena Tools Brightness
Volume+ AAA 41 Arena Tools Volume
Foodspotting AAA 40 Arena Travel & Local Food
Pocket Casts AAA 40 Arena Tie News & Magazines Podcasts
Tasker AAA 24, 40 Arena Tie Tools Automation
Apparatus AAA 39 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
Dragon's Lair AAA 39 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Taptu AAA 39 Arena News & Magazines
Smartr Contacts (no longer available) AAA 38 Arena
SoundTracking AAA 38 Arena Music & Audio
World of Goo AAA 38 Arena Win Games Brain & Puzzle
X-Men AAA 37 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
GO Locker- Ice Cream Sandwich AAA 37 Arena Personalization Lockscreen
Pocket God AAA 37 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Where's My Water? AAA 37 Arena Music & Audio
NodeBeat AAA 36 Arena Music & Audio
Square Wallet

formally known as Pay with Square

AAA 36 Arena Lifestyle Payment
Plex for Android AAA 36 Arena Win Media & Video
Sprinkle AAA 35 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
Catalogue by TheFind AAA 35 Arena Shopping
Charlie Brown Christmas AAA 35 Arena Win Books & Reference
Craigslist Notification (no longer available) AAA 34 Arena
ESPN Score Center AAA 34 Arena Win Sports
Soundcloud AAA 34 Arena Music & Audio
Super aTool Box

formerly known as SuperBox

AAA 33 Arena Productivity
Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

formerly known as Ultimate Guitar Tabs

AAA 33 Arena Music & Audio
Atari Greatest Hits AAA 33 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Google Reader (no longer available) AAA 9,AAA 22,33 Arena News & Magazines RSS Reader
Seamless AAA 33 Arena Lifestyle Food
CircleLauncher AAA 32 Arena Win Productivity Launcher
Google+ AAA 15,32 Social
IVONA AAA 32 Arena Libraries & Demo Text-to-speech (TTS)
Minecraft - Pocket Edition AAA 32 Arena Games Arcade & Action
MX Player AAA 32 Arena Media & Video Video Player
AirAttack AAA 31 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Battle Bears AAA 31 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Early Bird AAA 31 Arena Games Brain & Puzzle
GetJar AAA 25,31 Shopping Apps
Jenga AAA 31 Arena Games Casual
Speaktoit Assistant AAA 30 Arena Productivity
Voice Search AAA 30 Arena Tools Voice-Activated Assistant
Vlingo (no longer available) AAA 30 Arena Win
iris. AAA 30 Productivity Voice-Activated Assistant
TuneIn Radio AAA 28 Arena Win Music & Audio Radio
WhatsApp AAA 28 Arena Communication
Flickr AAA 28 Photography
Hipmunk AAA 28 Travel & Local
Pano AAA 28 Arena Photography
Catch Notes AAA 27 Arena Productivity
Evernote AAA 27 Arena Win Productivity
Google Voice AAA 27 Communication
Pixlr-o-Matic AAA 27 Photography Photo Editing
Springpad AAA 27 Arena Productivity
Calorie Counter AAA 26 Health & Fitness Weight
IntoNow AAA 26 Entertainment
MIUI Camera AAA 26 Arena Photography

formerly known as Read It Later

AAA 26 Arena Win News & Magazines
SMS To Text AAA 26 Arena Tools SMS
Changelog Droid AAA 25 Tools Apps
Dolphin Browser AAA 25 Arena Win Communication Web Browser
LastPass AAA 25 Productivity Security
Miren (no longer available) AAA 25 Arena Communication Web Browser
Firefox AAA 2,AAA 25 Arena Communication Web Browser
SilentTime AAA 25 Tools Sound
Skyfire AAA 25 Arena Productivity Web Browser
Death Worm AAA 24 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Google Play Music

formerly known as Google Music

AAA 3,AAA 24 Music & Audio
Hearing Saver AAA 24 Tools Volume
Meebo (no longer available) AAA 24
Muffin Knight AAA 24 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Screen Timeout Widget (no longer available) AAA 24
Widgetlocker AAA 23 Arena Win Personalization Lockscreen
GOTO Lockscreen AAA 23 Arena Entertainment Lockscreen
Life is Crime AAA 23 Games Casual
LockMenu AAA 23 Arena Personalization Lockscreen

formerly known as

AAA 22 Business Cloud Storage
Dropbox AAA 22 Arena Win Productivity Cloud Storage
Skitch AAA 22 Productivity Evernote
Sugarsync AAA 22 Arena Productivity Cloud Storage
Wuala AAA 22 Tools Cloud Storage
Boot Manager AAA 21 Tools Multi-booter
Contacts +

formerly known as Contapps

AAA 21 Arena Win Communication Contacts and Dialer
Dragon, Fly! AAA 21 Games Arcade & Action
GO Contacts AAA 21 Arena Communication Contacts and Dialer
Phonebook AAA 21 Arena Communication
chomp SMS AAA 20 Arena Communication SMS
Go SMS AAA 20 Arena Win Communication SMS
Handcent SMS AAA 20 Arena Communication SMS
GTalk (no longer available) AAA 19 Arena Win Communication Instant Messaging (IM)
ScoutMob AAA 19 Travel & Local
Skype AAA 15,AAA 19 Arena Communication
Tango AAA 19 Arena Social
They Need to be Fed AAA 18 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Bloo Kid AAA 18 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Fieldrunners AAA 18 Arena Win Games Casual
Lookout Security & Antivirus AAA 17 Arena Win Tools Security
SeekDroid AAA 17 Arena Tools Security
Where's My Droid AAA 17 Arena Tools Security
App Protector AAA 17 Arena Tools Security
BatteryFu AAA 16 Arena Tools Battery
Google Maps AAA 2,AAA 16 Travel & Local Maps
Green Power AAA 16 Arena Productivity Battery
JuiceDefender Ultimate AAA 16 Arena Win Productivity Battery
Scrabble AAA 16 Games Brain & Puzzle
TweetDeck (no longer available) AAA 15 Arena Social Twitter
Twidroyd (no longer available) AAA 15 Arena Win Social Twitter
Twitter AAA 15 Arena Social Twitter
Zipcar AAA 15 Lifestyle Transpor
Cut the Rope AAA 14 Games Brain & Puzzle
Hulu Plus AAA 14 Entertainment Video Streaming
MyBackup AAA 14 Arena Tools Backup
Sprite Backup AAA 14 Arena Tools Backup
Titanium Backup AAA 14 Arena Tools Backup
GO Launcher EX AAA 13 Arena Win Personalization Launcher
Lightbox (Facebook only) AAA 13
MoreLocale AAA 13 Tools Language
Regina 3D Launcher AAA 13 Arena Productivity Launcher
Swype AAA 13 Productivity Keyboard
ADW.Launcher AAA 13 Arena Personalization Launcher
LauncherPro AAA 12 Arena Win Personalization Launcher
MortPlayer AAA 12 Arena Music & Audio Audio Books
mytubo AAA 12 Arena Photography
Sonos Controller AAA 11 Music & Audio Remote

formerly known as Swiftkey X

AAA 11 Arena Productivity Keyboard

Thumb Keyboard AAA 9,AAA 11 Arena Productivity Keyboard
Swype AAA 11 Arena Win Productivity Keyboard
Zinio AAA 11 News & Magazines
Battleheart AAA 10 Arena Win Games Arcade & Action
Drawing Pad AAA 10 Arena Education Drawing
netTALK AAA 10 Communication
News360 AAA 10 Arena News & Magazines
Plants vs. Zombies AAA 10 Games Arcade & Action
Dropin AAA 09 Tools Syncing
Pulse AAA 09 Arena News & Magazines
Google Reader (no longer available) AAA 09 Arena Win News & Magazines RSS Reader
Feedly AAA 09 Arena News & Magazines RSS Reader
Duck Hunt (no longer available) AAA 08 Arena Win
Glow Hockey AAA 08 Arena Games Arcade & Action
Netflix AAA 08 Entertainment Video Streaming
Stellar Escape AAA 08 Arena Games Sport Games
Wireless Tether AAA 07 Arena Win Communication Tethering
Droid Odyssey AAA 07 Arena Games Arcade & Action
iDisplay AAA 07 Communication
SetCPU (root req.) AAA 07 Arena Tools CPU
Google TV Remote AAA 06 Arena Tools Remote
Pupil AAA 06 Arena Win Social
TweetComb (no longer available) AAA 05 Social Twitter
ACast AAA 05 Arena Media & Video
BeyondPod AAA 05 Arena News & Magazines Podcasts
Car Cast AAA 05 Arena Media & Video Podcasts
DoggCatcher AAA 05 Arena Win News & Magazines Podcasts
HoneyReader AAA 05 News & Magazines RSS Reader
Kindle AAA 05 Books & Reference E-books
iRecycle AAA 04 Lifestyle Recycling
Little Photo AAA 04 Arena Win Photography
Vignette AAA 04 Arena Photography
FxCamera AAA 04 Arena Photography
Grooveshark AAA 03,AAA 04 Music & Audio Music Streaming
Action Complete AAA 03 Arena Productivity
GTasks AAA 03 Arena Productivity To-Do
SPB Shell 3D AAA 03 Personalization Launcher
Todo.txt AAA 03 Arena Win Productivity To-Do
Wunderlist AAA 03 Arena Productivity To-Do
Aix AAA 02 Weather Widget
Amazon MP3

formerly known as Amazon Cloud Player

AAA 02 Arena Win Music & Audio
AudioGalaxy (no longer available) AAA 02 Arena
Comics AAA 02 Comics Reader & Store
LTE OnOFF - HTC Thunderbolt AAA 02 Tools LTE toggle
Rdio AAA 02 Arena Music & Audio Music Streaming
ZDbox AAA 02 Tools System optimize toolbox
Amazon App Store AAA 01 Arena App Store
SlideME AAA 01 Arena App Store
Google Play Store AAA 01 Arena Win App Store