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The Army Log is a TWiT Army website created by Morguepie of the TWiT Army, and maintained by Kiwinerd.


The idea of a log was created by Morguepie with the help of TheFrogman. This was done in a private chat in the IRC Chat. The original TWiT Army Log was created using Blogspot, and not one blog post in, Kiwinerd wanted to help.

The way she would help was to create 2 domain names, and ( is her website), and give them to the Log, under one condition: Morguepie switched over to WordPress. So he switched over to WordPress and the domains were given. domain was soon made as well, but problems with the 3 domains keeping up with each other soon unveiled themselves. So they eliminated and

What it's doing now

DrMom, the user on the Twit Army that does the Mess Hall Reports, and Morguepie, are working on a page on the Log where DrMom posts her Mess Hall Reports for all the Mess Hall visitors to view. Morguepie is working on a newsletter called TWiT Army: The Newsletter about basically This Week in TWiT Army. The Log does daily posts on the TWiT Army Announcements, which are easily viewable on the Canteen by mousing over the Bugle by the links at the top.