Before You Buy 103

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Before You Buy
Episode 103

Before You Buy 103:

System76 Bonobo Extreme Laptop

Beautiful display
Fully spec’d for easy use in Ubuntu
  • Cons:
The fan is loud
Touchpad is hard to get used to
Super heavy
  • Try!

Alienware 14 Laptop

Ludicrous speed
Customization of lights
Tons of ports and amenities
  • Cons:
Small display
Weird Blu-Ray feeder
  • Buy!

Phiaton Chord MS 530

Great Sound
Amazing Bluetooth connectivity
Noise Cancelling
  • Cons:
Had a few problems locking up, requiring a manual reset
A Little pricey
  • Buy!

Bridge MS 500

Carbon Fiber MS 430 Headsets

Dell Venue 8 Pro

Form factor/build quality
High quality IPS screen
  • Cons:
Windows button placement
  • Buy!

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